Photoshop to create a realistic rain effect tutorial

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Photoshop to create a realistic rain effect tutorial

In some cases to add more special effects will be more artistic conception, here simple introduction how to use Photoshop to create rain effect. The material in the course is taken from Wuxi Long Guang Xi Wetland Park.


Open the material picture,

Ctrl+l, copy the layer. To form good habits, try to avoid drawing traces on the original artwork.

Creates a new blank layer and fills the foreground color black.

1: Filter → pixel → dot shape.

2: Adjust the corresponding value, the general tune to the smallest more appropriate.

1: Filter → blur → dynamic blur.

2: Adjust the corresponding angle value, here adjusts to the tilt of 76.

1: Adjust the layer blending mode to color filter.

2: Adjustment opacity, here down to 33.

Effect Chart Show

Attention matters

The dotted value generally jumps to the minimum

Note adjust the appropriate tilt and opacity

Above is Photoshop to create a realistic rain effect tutorial, I hope you like!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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