Photoshop to create a red beam meteor tutorial

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The overall effect of the picture looks more complex, but only symmetrical graphics, we make a part of the only need to make a portion of the beam, and then by copying, combination, deformation, etc. to combine the beam into a slightly more complex effect. Add some decorative elements later.

Final effect

< small map view big picture >

1, the effect of the picture is symmetrical graphics, production, we only need to complete half, the rest can be directly copied. The effect that needs to be completed is shown below.

< map 1>

2. Create a new 1024 * 768 pixel file, select the Gradient tool, color settings like Figure 2, and then pull the radial gradient from the center to the corners as the background.

< map 2>

3. Create a new group, create a new layer in the group, use pen to check out the first beam contour, turn to the selection Figure 3, feather 1 pixel fill orange red: #D28038. Remove the selection with a Blur tool to blur the bottom slightly, the effect is shown in Figure 4.

< map 3>

< map 4>

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