Photoshop to create a tree branch word effect Bar Party poster Design Production tutorial

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This is a day of the work of the homework, but also for reference to a foreign excellent design. Now take it out and share the idea of the design process.

Use PSD to create the effect of painting, this screen no need for 3D software Oh. How to do it, take a look.

Tutorial Effect Chart:

The following is the design idea process:

1, first think good composition. Then open the CorelDRAW, in the inside first typed words, put the position that they think fit. Then make a little adjustment on the glyphs. This will prepare for a later mapping.

2, note that the shape of the deformation and stretching, is linked to these several, at the same time, looks like the smoothness of the trees. This can be a bit casual.

3. Download the vector material of the branch. A lot of material network. This is for the trunk you made.

4, the steps are: the main trunk-the primary branch-thin branches, so slowly thinning, to be patient. Such a vector of text trunks is done.

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