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The effect of the picture seems relatively simple, in fact, some of the details of the production is more complex. such as the flame on the car, you need to use filters to make the contour, and then the color of the flame. Other flames also need to be slowly deformed to fit the needs.

Final effect

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1, open Photoshop, create a new document. Please use a combination of black and red (#160000) background. Then use the image of a car with no background. The idea for this first step is to get the car to generalize about our image. To do this, it is very easy. Copy the car's layer to create a new layer. Rename it to "bottom graph" and hide the original. Go to Image > Adjust > Reverse phase.

Then go to the filter > Styling > Find the Edge. Repeat the same thing again in order to have another layer, but mixed mode, using hard light. After that, you can merge into one of these 2 layers.

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2, the results obtained.

3. Now that we have got the outline of the car, we will not be able to apply the light effect, so it looks like a burning car.

On the same level, we created in step 1th, let's apply Gaussian blur. Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. The value will vary depending on the resolution of your work. In my case, I'm for the radius 1.6. After that, change the blending mode into pebbles.

The repeating layer retains the same blending mode, but let's apply the Gaussian blur again, go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, and use 3.6 pixels. Rename this layer to "top". The first step in the repeating layer, we created and merged this one. Then repeat the first layer and rename it to red, go to Image > Adjust > Hue and Saturation. Select coloring to change the saturation to 100. The blending mode of the layer will be overwritten.

Let's repeat this yellow version again. Go to Image > Adjust > Hue and Saturation and Hue 40. This creates an orange version again, then tones and saturation use-22.

Change the opacity of the yellow and orange layers to 50% and put them inside the folder. You can select and go through layers > layers. Then choose to go with the group to the layer ">" vector mask, and then remove the silhouette of the rear part of the car.

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