Photoshop to create horse stereo words

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This time the three-dimensional word is also made by hand. Divide the text into surfaces and solid surfaces. Surface text is done with gradients and layer styles. The solid surface is slightly more complex, after adding the gradient, use the deepening and Dodge tool to apply the edge of the light and dark, and then back to the finished solid surface.

Final effect

< small map view big picture >

1. Create a new 1024 * 900 pixel file, select the Gradient tool, set the color to red to dark red as Figure 1, and then pull out the radial gradient shown in Figure 2 from the middle corner.

< map 1>

< map 2>

2, open the text material (first save the image shown below, and then open with PS), directly can be dragged in, in order to facilitate observation, you can first add the text white.

< map 3>

3, the text layer to copy a layer, with the Lasso 2014 selected out, press DELETE Delete, the following figure.

< map 4>

4, the original text layer to copy a layer, the same way to remove the horse word, the following figure.

< map 5>

5, the two copy layer hidden. Display the original text layer. After the pixel area is locked, select 2014 with the lasso, select the Gradient tool, and the color setting is shown in Figure 7, pulling the linear gradient from the upper-right corner of the lower-left corner and the Earth 6. Do not cancel the selection after you pull the gradient.

< map 6>

< map 7>

6, press CTRL + Shift + I to select the selection, the same method to the "horse" to draw a linear gradient of the following figure, gradient settings Ibid.

< map 8>

7, cancel the selection and double-click the image Layer panel text thumbnail to bring up the layers style. Set bevel and Emboss, contour lines, parameter settings such as Figure 9,10, the effect is shown in Figure 11.

< map 9>

< map 10>

< map 11>

8, press CTRL + J to copy the current type layer, and then double-click the thumbnail to modify the layer style, only need to modify the bevel and embossed values, as shown in Figure 12, after the fill to: 0%, the effect as shown in Figure 13.

< map 12>

< map 13>

9, press CTRL + J to copy the current layer, and then modify the bevel and Emboss values, as shown in Figure 14. After the determination, the opacity is changed to: 30%, and the padding is 0 unchanged.

< map 14>

< map 15>

10, now to make "horse" word of the three-dimensional surface, the effect needs to be completed as shown below.

< map 16>

11, in the background layer above a new group, the previous "horse" word display, dragged into the group, the following figure.

< map 17>

12, locked text pixel area. Select the Gradient tool, and the color settings are shown in Figure 18, from top left to bottom right to pull out of the Earth 19 to show the linear gradient.

< map 18>

< map 19>

13, using the lasso to select the upper part of the text, pull the same gradient, the bottom position with a red brush smear the transition, the effect is shown in Figure 22.

< map 20>

< map 21>

< map 22>

14, now start to smear the text edge of the light and dark regions. Select the Dodge tool to paint the sharp top of the text, and the curved part to darken with the burn tool. Need to be carefully applied.

< map 23>

15, the left side of the text and the right side need to smear, the effect of painting the following figure.

< map 24>

< map 25>

16, the Painted text copy a layer, select the original layer, select the Mobile tool, hold down the SHIFT key to move down the distance, the following figure.

< map 26>

17, the left hand hold Alt key, right hand click up the direction key, loosen and press right direction key copy, right hand circulation press up and right direction key. Until the stereo is copied intact, as shown in Figure 28.

< map 27>

< map 28>

18, the other text of the stereo surface of the same method to complete, the following figure.

< map 29>

19, the top of the text display, the effect of the following figure.

< map 30>

Finally, add a bit of projection to the text, and then the overall sharpening, complete the final effect.

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