Photoshop to create lifelike jade carving WordArt

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Effect chart

In order to save time the red rope on the small draw a bit, can look down on the line

One, new file, pixel 400x400, resolution 300,RGB mode, white background

Second, the input text, the font of their favorite, font size set for their favorite sizes

Third, the new layer, the foreground color is black, the background color is white, perform filter-render-Cloud, then enter the menu selection-color range, draw down the gray section, the following figure:

To create a new layer, set the foreground color to dark green, select the Fill in the Edit menu (pictured below):

Five, select Layer 1, keep the foreground color is dark green, background is white, select the Gradient tool, from left to right pull down the gradient (as shown below):

Six, Merge Layer 2 and Layer 1.

Select the type layer to hold the CTRL key with your hand to load the text selection, and then click the Layer 3 and then reverse the selection (ctrl+shift+i) Delele Delete.

Eight, OK, now start adding layer styles, enter the layer style, set the following figure:

Nine, feel not bright enough, to press ctrl+j key to copy a layer, and then the layer mode to filter color, opacity to 40%, and then add a background color and red rope, complete the final effect.

Note : More attention to Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS tutorial Group: 181754111 welcome you to join

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