Photoshop to draw 3D robot Eva in movie

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There are many ways to achieve a goal, but the most important thing is to master the principles. As long as we have mastered the principle, we can even draw more complex effect.

Final effect

Eva's Story and model setting:

1, the basic shape of Eva is an egg-shaped, that is, an ellipse around its long diameter rotating a week to get the three-dimensional circle.

2, Eva deformation (let me describe) after, divided into 4 parts, head, body, and two arms.

3, according to the original, Eva's material can be set to white ceramics.

Drawing process:

1. Disassemble the solution.

2. Head Drawing:

Create a new 1024 * 1024, with a resolution of 72 canvas, as shown below.

By adjusting the oval shape to get the head contour, the head base is obtained by adjusting the inner glow and the gradient superposition.

By adjusting the anchor point, the ellipse is deformed and feathered, and the high light is obtained.

Similarly, through the high light, reflected light, as well as Boolean operations, adjust anchor points and so on to get the face background and eyes.

Black and white stripes on the face mask can be implemented with the definition of the pattern function, as follows:

Create a new 4px canvas.


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