Photoshop to draw a high textured metal stage light icon

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The effect picture is a realistic icon. Before drawing, you need to have a deep understanding of the construction of the stage lamp, then break it down into different components, and then gradually portray it in a certain order.

Final effect

1, to determine the overall perspective of the icon relationship.

First of all, a simple line to determine the overall spatial position of the icon, this approach in aesthetics called Line perspective, which is the first critical step of the drawing, it can help us to accurately draw a stereo icon.

2, outline and shape of the overall icon.

Use the "ellipse", "rectangle", "pen" and other shape tools to outline the overall shape of the icon, note that the use of shapes instead of paths, so as to ensure the output of the image vector, the advantage of the vector is to enlarge the zoom can still guarantee the quality of the icon.

3, describe the shell part.

To determine the general direction of illumination, under the influence of light, the various parts of the icon will occur varying degrees of light and shadow changes, the icon of the way generally have the upper left corner, upper right corner, vertical lighting. This icon uses the upper left corner to hit the light.

4. Describe the part of the lamp mouth.

Lamp mouth part of the production of this icon is one of the difficulties, focus on the light source under the influence of various parts of the changes in the relationship between the light and dark, this link to fight the main or patience and careful.

5, depict the bracket part.

The relationship between the light and shadow of the bracket part is similar to the previous one, the irregular lighting in addition to the mask to wipe with the brush, smart students also found that the "selection" combined with "feather" is also a good choice.


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