Photoshop to draw realistic Chinese classic beauty tutorials

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Final Photoshop Tutorial Effect diagram:

Drawing (peach blossom Tears) required materials:

Computer One (Ben 4 don't think about it)

Mouse one (there is a pimple below to consider)

A copy of the line (I am "borrow" lubber adults, for the vast number of enthusiasts. Don't be angry)

Hair brushes Several (if not to my Blgo download)

Stone piece (Wait for you to know)

Plum tree (oneself painting too tired, lazy once, "borrow" a classical illustration on a tree, the author is unknown, please do not mind)

Plum Blossom Brush Several (if not to my Blgo download)

The material is available ~ to start (it's hard to borrow so many things ~ Khan)

1. New "Tablecloth" a sheet

(If you insist on using Ben 4, then set the size to a small point, the last source file to more than 100 m OH)

2. Lubber A ~ Ah wrong ~ is a lubber adult's line of a copy.

(See what is called the master, a few simple strokes ~ bleak ~ Absolute desolation, there is a sentence so said (very sad, very bleak)

3. Take out your pen tool and copy the outline of each part of the manuscript.

(eh?) what brand of pen does this brother use ~ Alas! I am talking about the ps-pen tool le ~)

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