Photoshop to keep the image of the witch in the texture of skin treatment

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We all know that good grinding is not the texture of the skin, but how to make the skin delicate, then in PS we can observe RGB 3 channels of texture, we choose to blur 2 channels to retain a channel of texture can achieve this goal, as to choose which channel to look at the picture and you want to grind the effect.

Look at the effect chart first.


Before patching, please duplicate the habitual ctrl+j first layer, then carry on the repair, after the repair, please duplicate another layer

Easy to start with the new people like me, the channel is usually next to the layer, if not found please see figure Two, click the window--channel

Gaussian blur value is 9.8, different pictures use different values

Gaussian blur value is 7.0, different pictures use different values

Note here is to click on the red channel sharpening, the original author of RGB points to be visible, so the color is the picture, in fact, do is the same

Because the PS version of different translations will also vary, the original author of the layer mode: brightness, is most of the PS translation into the lightness


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