Photoshop to make metal luster effect

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No nonsense, first we open Photoshop, create a 800x400 pixel document.

Create a new layer, named "Gradient Background", select the Gradient tool (G), select the appropriate color, such as #161515 and #71777b, and then drag a linear gradient from top to bottom (from deep to shallow).

Next I will add a fill pattern to the background.

Create a new document for 4x4 pixels, create a layer, and then remove the background display so we get a transparent layer.

Use the Pencil tool to draw a pattern with a 1-pixel brush as shown below.

Then choose Edit > Define pattern to save this pattern.

Back to the previous document,

Double-click the gradient background layer to open the palette for the blending options.

Activates the pattern overlay, then switches the blending mode to overlay in the dialog box, with the opacity set to 30%, and the pattern selection just created (pictured below).

The background should now be like this (figure below).

The background is ready. We started making font effects.

Select the Type tool (T) and enter text such as "Forever Gold" in the middle of the canvas.

In this tutorial I use the font is Cooper STD (this is a commercial font, you can choose a similar free font to replace)

Press Ctrl+j to copy the text layer to the new layer, and then hide the original layer (click the eye in front of the layer to hide the corresponding layer).

Then give the blending options to open the new layer, activate the inner glow and gradient overlay options, and set the following figure.

Now we have the effect of the following diagram:

Unhide the original text layer

Open the blending options for the layer, select the color overlay, and use #94854e instead of the original white.

After you apply the blending options, move the entire layer down by 6 pixels (↓ Key)

Then right-click the blending mode button (Fx), select Create Layer in the pop-up menu, add color overlay to a text layer a clipping mask (figure)

Select this clipping mask layer and use the Dodge tool (brush 25 pixels, Range: Highlight, Exposure: 30%) The following figure draws a highlight in the layer to make it look solid.

To shrink the brush size to 10 pixels, continue adding the details of the High light section.

Now switch the Dodge tool to the Burn tool (brush: 30 pixels, Range: high light, Exposure: 30%), adding some dark information to the layer.

After you've finished merging the layers except for the background and the gradient, you get the new layer,

We open its blending Options dialog box, activate the projection and the outer glow, set the following figure.

Last thing, add a lens flare effect to the picture.

Before using this filter, create a new layer above all layers and fill it with black, and then switch the blending mode to filter color.

Now it's ready to start, filter > Render > Lens flare. Apply the settings in the following illustration.

The final image, I hope everyone can be flexible to master, to create better results. Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 75789345 welcome you to join

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