Photoshop to make mosaic jigsaw effect

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Collect mosaic-related knowledge through the network. Mosaic (MOSAIC), building professional nouns for Kam brick, divided into ceramic brocade brick and glass brocade brick two kinds. is a

Decorative art, usually using a number of small stones or colored glass fragments to spell patterns, in the Church of the Glass art, also known as flower window glass (stained glass). In prayer

In the age of the Jianting Empire, Mosaic evolved as a form of mural in churches and palaces as the rise of Christianity. Nowadays mosaic refers to this type of multicolored visual effect

Fruit. Mosaic also refers to the current widely used image (video) processing means, this method will image specific areas of the color level of the details of the degradation and cause the color block upset effect

Fruit, because this kind of blur appears to have a small lattice composition, then the image called this picture for mosaic. The purpose is usually to make it unrecognizable, and therefore to use

In the image processing is sometimes called the Code of the game (by the simple transliteration added the meaning of the password). Often used to handle sensitive images, mosaic often alludes to sensitive shadows.

Like itself, to form a metaphor. In the Japanese sex industry review system, it is usually required to carry out mosaic treatment of human genital parts. And some are totally exposed to pornography.

Video, it is called "uncensored" video.

Okay, here's how to get the picture processed as a mosaic effect.

1. First select a few photos of the seaside, they make a simple combination.

2. Next we will make the pattern, here a new size of 60x60 px file. Select a transparent background and use the Pencil tool to draw 2 white edges in the dashed section below.

3. Edit > Define patterns, determine a pattern name, and then press OK to save.

4. Now go back to the previous picture, create a new layer and place it at the top. Use the Paint bucket tool, select the pattern, and select the pattern shape you saved previously

To fill.

5. After the fill effect is as follows (your previous pattern has been applied to the picture repeatedly).

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