Photoshop to make Purple Line effects WordArt tutorial

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1. Create a 1152*864 pixel file, set foreground color to #fff799 and background color to #ed145b, then perform ' filter-render-cloud ' and copy one layer.

2, enter the text you want with the white Catatan Perjalanan font that provides the download, my text line is 350 points, and the next row is 2. 50 o'clock, please see the parameters in the figure below.

3, hold down the CTRL key, click the text thumbnail to load the selection, and then click the Eye icon to the left of the diagram to hide the text, and then create a new layer.

4, set foreground color to #f7d9ad and background color #362f2d, and then perform filter-render-cloud, you can use a ctrl+f shortcut key to reuse the cloud filter to make the effect more ideal.

Press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection.

5, click the background layer, press Ctrl+j to copy, and merge the copied background layer with the selection + filter (Layer 1).

6, select the Brush tool, set: 1-pixel round hard edge brush tip.

Click the original text layer thumbnail to load the selection (which is the 3rd hidden text layer), switch to the ' Paths ' Panel, and click ' Generate work path from selection ' below.

Press X to toggle foreground/background color, make the foreground color dark brown, then the mouse select the 5th step of the merged diagram, select the ' Direct Selection tool ' right text working path-select ' Stroke path-brush (pen pressure do not tick) ' Set and then press ENTER to determine (that is, delete the work path), the effect is as follows.

And then press X to toggle foreground/background color to make it easier to apply filters next. The values and effects of the

7, execute ' Filter-Filter Gallery-Sketch-stamp ' are as follows.

Copy layers.

8, select the layer just copied, and then perform ' Filter-Filter gallery-art-rough crayon '.

The effect is as follows.

9, change the layer blending mode to: minus.

The filter-noise-reduce noise value is performed as follows.

This is the effect of reducing noise, so that the contour looks more fluent.

10, create adjustment layer: Hue/full degree,

Check ' coloring ', then you can adjust according to the color you like.

Complete the final effect.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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