Photoshop to make the mid-autumn art of fantasy stars

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The text of the tutorial is composed of a number of small dots, small size, different shades, in the black background is very bright, dreamy. The production process is also not complex, mainly with the brush to complete.

Final effect

Photoshop Tutorials

1, first look at the production process of the text, roughly divided into three steps, respectively: the production of text selection and path, strokes, decoration, the following figure.

2, the new size of a custom canvas, background filled with black. Select the Text tool, hit the "Mid-Autumn Festival" three words, determine after the text grid layer, you can according to their preferences typesetting text, font color arbitrary.

3, Adjust brush: Select the Brush tool, press F5 to pull out the screen preset panel, the specific parameters set out below.

4, bring up the text selection, create a new layer, with pen set brush smear text selection, the effect of the following figure.

5, after finishing the last step to get the effect of the third, and then let it diffuse out, to the text around add a little scattered points. Convert the text selection to a path, and then adjust the brush and right-click to select Stroke path.

Finally, with a brush and some star brush, complete the final effect.

Final effect:

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