Photoshop to mm plus gorgeous soft dark brown

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Final effect

1, first for the screen background too eye-catching cyan to adjust, open the "Hue/saturation" tool, select "Cyan", adjust the saturation of 65, so as to avoid the background color too prominent, affecting the main characters.

2, open "Choice/color Range", select the High light section, add "color fill" layer, select a light green, the parameters see the figure below, with green to the high light part of the fill, and then adjust the layer blending mode to "linear Dodge", adjust the layer opacity to 33%, so that the scene with the more natural integration.

3, stamped layer, the application of "image/adjustment/gradient mapping", choose from black to white grayscale gradient, layer blending mode to adjust to "brightness", this step is to remove the goal of increasing the contrast of photos, so that the picture more layered sense.

Note: The gradient map can map the equivalent grayscale range of images to the specified gradient fill color. For example, specify a two-color gradient fill, the shadow in the image is mapped to one of the endpoint colors of the gradient fill, the high light maps to the other endpoint color, and the midtones map to the gradient between the two endpoint colors.

4, open "image/adjustment/exposure", adjust exposure degree 0.00, displacement +0.0080, Gamma correction 1.00, add layer mask, fill black, the dark part of the wipe out, so you can give the dark part of a layer of gray, so that the black dead place is not so blunt.

5, next to create a picture of the dream effect. Stamp a layer, select "Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur", add a layer mask, fill the black, and rub the body with a white "brush".

6, continue to adjust the screen tone, add "optional color" adjustment layer, select "Red", Gatzing, reducing magenta, reducing yellow, black, adjust the parameters of the following figure, the purpose is to make the character skin color and clothing more clear, natural. Also use the mask to wipe out the details of the dark, the details of the brightness become high, the overall integration of nature, the space scene is reflected.

7, create a new layer, set the foreground color choose a bright beige, paint the skin part of the character with a brush, and change the layer blending mode to "soft light", make the character skin more tender and white.

8, stamping a layer, again using the "Gaussian blur" tool to the background clutter of the fuzzy processing to highlight the main characters and the overall sense of fantasy.

9, finally adjust the picture of the high light part of the hue, open the "Color balance" tool, select "High Light", slightly add some yellow, the parameters are as follows, the purpose is to make the photo of the high light part warmer.

Final effect:

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