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Camera Raw as a palette of Photoshop is not just a simple turn format, more realistically, Camera Raw is to get high quality in the latter part of an indispensable process. Now I will camera raw in the portrait color matching technique and everybody contrived preliminary discussion.

Let's look at the original image compared with the effect chart:

Effect Chart:


1, open Photoshop to find the editor-preferences-file processing-camera raw preferences-in the default settings before the two tick-in JPEG and TIFF processing-put a ban on JPEG files, Prevent TIFF files-change to automatically open all supported JPEG and automatically open all supported TIFF. This allows camera raw to open all the photos in the format.

Open a picture, go to the raw Operation page point below the red circle, the workflow options, and then open in Photoshop as smart objects before the tick. The advantage of this is that it is convenient to return raw processing photos later.

Two, now we open the film into PS. Click on the original layer to create a new smart object by copying it. This is the same as the original original layer of a new layer, we on this layer of the film post-processing, without affecting the original piece of data.

Third, click on the icon of the copy layer back to the raw color of the film carefully adjusted (my personal point of view is in raw must be called the initial color of the effect, so in the PS adjustment, will save a lot of strength) adjust the specific parameters such as the following screenshot:

First analysis of the original film, the original film exposure is basically normal, so we do not have to make a big adjustment to these basic parameters. But the character has the complexion not to penetrate, the sky is also the ash, we make the fine adjustment to these.

1, in the basic operation of the white balance to choose from the decision on it. , the other simple contrast, the value of the following figure.

2, the bottom of this step is the color of the environment to make an adjustment, especially the color adjustment, (here I give you a hint, in this adjustment process, orange adjustment is the most useful for the skin. Particularly important)

3, the separation tonal adjustment, the goal is lets the tonal nature, unify.

4, the camera is more accurate afternoon adjustment, this is similar to the PS channel mixer, mainly on the overall color now make a fine adjustment.

5, finished these, we went back to PS, found that the dark part of the film is too dark, such as hair, fur, stone details less, so we copy a smart object layer, and then back to raw, to the exposure of the adjustment, the purpose is to adjust the details of the dark, the value of the following figure:

Four, next we will return to PS to the film for color tone further adjustment.

1, I feel that this film's artistic conception should add a dignified effect, so next, I roughly with the optional color adjusted. Added blue on the dark part.

The values are as follows:

2, then is the skin, we can choose their own habits of the method.

3, a new neutral gray layer, the model for soft light. Paint a dark part of the sky with a white brush. Prepare for the next step in dealing with sky tones.

4, and then use the optional color to adjust color and the sky. Values as shown:

5, the stamping layer after the calculation of the high light, shadow, the middle of the selection, and then to adjust the respective constituencies:

6. Adjust the color of sky and lake with optional color: After adjusting, add mask and wipe out clothes with appropriate opacity brush.

7, and then create new optional color layer, the environment color for fine-tuning:

8, the last is to use neutral gray soft light layer brush out the characters, add clouds, sharpening in the finished.

Final Effect Diagram:

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