Photoshop to pull out the fantasy diamond background map

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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to pull out the fantasy diamond background, the method of making the small triangle pixel background is similar to the starlight background, it is to copy two layers of the material, to perform the filter of minus 45 degrees respectively, the small triangle pixel background needs to be deformed before the filter is performed. You can then modify the layer's opacity or blending mode to get the desired effect.

Final effect

1, to prepare a picture as a banner background, the following figure as a demo.

2, copy two times background layer.

3, first to the top layer using the Free transform tool (Ctrl + T or select the main Menu "edit" > "Free Transform") to make the image horizontal tilt 45 degrees.

4, the main Menu "filter" > "pixel" > "mosaic", adjust the size of the cell, size according to your banner image size to set, here is 3888x2554px, so we set to 128px size.

5. Use the Free Transform tool (Main Menu "edit" > "Free Transform") to tilt the image horizontally-45 degrees. (In fact, in the opposite direction of step 3rd)

6, set the opacity of this layer is 50%.

7, select the middle layer, using the Free transform tool (Ctrl + T), let the image horizontal tilt-45 degrees.

8, again use the same mosaic filter (hint: Ctrl+f can repeat the last filter operation).

9. Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl + T) to tilt the image horizontally 45 degrees.

10, this step is almost finished, the image to enlarge a little, we can see that the edge is not very aligned, the solution is through the keyboard left or right to light the layer, all aligned, aligned is triangular.

11, the next banner background has been completed.

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