Photoshop to pull underwear beauty shine effect

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Effect Chart:

Original film Analysis: The original film color is gorgeous, makeup is very clean, artwork has a good texture, light background and the use of color to make the overall picture more harmonious, hair color is too thick.

Adjust the key points: highlight the color of skin color underwear, hair color and the overall tone of the picture of the unified soft, so that more harmonious picture.

Adjustment steps:

1, the use of color levels to adjust the exposure of the photo and the level of the dark part of the hair.

2, and then use the curve to adjust the contrast between the high light and the dark, increase the three-dimensional sense.

3, use the optional Color tool to select the red channel to adjust the background and character color harmony, cyan {+27}, magenta {-15}, yellow {+18}, black {-12}

4, again use the optional color channel to select the Cyan channel to adjust the background color transition soft, into the environment color, cyan {-65}, Magenta {-36}, yellow {+57}, black {-78}

5, continue to use the optional Color tool to select the magenta channel to adjust the underwear color. Make the color of the dress not so eye-catching and soft background color, cyan {-35}, magenta {+14}, yellow {+33}, black {-40}

6, or choose the choice of color tools to choose the Black Channel to adjust the thick hair. Make hair color and ambient color close, cyan {-40}, magenta {+9}, yellow {12}

7, with the optional Color tool to adjust the color of the skin, select the white channel, cyan {-45}, magenta {-27}, yellow {+22}, black {+29}

8, use the photo filter to adjust the unity of the photo tone. Filter color: Orange concentration: 25%

9, the overall reduction of saturation, so that the overall soft picture, saturation of {20}

10, copy a background layer. Sharpening, quantity 173%, RADIUS 2.1 pixel, Valve value 2 color order.

11, create a new layer to adjust the eye translucent.

Complete the final effect

    • PS Palette Tutorial
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