Photoshop to street beauty plus Japanese light cyan

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The material picture is also more beautiful, the color matching time does not need too many processing, directly uses the curve and so on the palette tool to strengthen the light and shade color, plus the faint cool colors can.


 Final effect

1, the original film originally feel good, but I like toss, began to adjust in the curve. Then began to adjust the RGB curve, the original film is the feeling of magenta, so adjust the red curve, direct red curve pull low, so that the screen is green.

2, adjust and fine-tune the green curve, because it is portrait so to take care of skin color, made the whole of the treatment of the green curve slightly pulled up the dark part, so that the color more magenta.

3, then adjust the blue curve, the blue curve dark directly lower, so that the dark part of yellow, bright and middle tone properly restored blue.

After the adjustment is finished, the effect is as follows:

4, the feeling is still a bit insipid, so add a graph layer, make the contrast bigger, bring up the bright spot, a little over the feeling of exposure, is that people say the Japanese system.

Finally in the color balance in accordance with their own sense of fine-tuning, according to their own feelings to adjust, here is not said.

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