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The original image color is dark, the backlight shot. Before the color palette, the characters were first made a simple rub. Use the Stamp tool and make a grinding skin treatment. Then tweak the whole, and then adjust the color for parts, such as teeth, eyes, and clothes. Finally, the overall color palette, as well as a little brighter. With a topaz filter, the final effect is achieved.

The process is as follows:

1, first to open the original picture

2, first to the character grinding skin treatment. Use the Stamp tool. The size is random, the hardness is 0, the opacity is 30.

First to the face of the skin treatment, I processed after the effect is as follows:

3, and then to the neck, together on the face of the other has not dealt with the place, to do a deal, or with the stamp tool. (Stamp tool grinding the whole process can watch video:)

4, rub the skin almost after, we will color it. First to treat the teeth, the original original teeth some yellow, and some dark. Use a quick mask or other selection tool to set up the tooth selection.

5, press Ctrl+u hue saturation, edit yellow, in the lightness of the slider slide to the far right.

Now the teeth, yellow is gone, but still a little dark.

6, in the good order, the teeth will be bright. Not too bright, we will continue to adjust in the future. Then cancel the selection.

7, the same way, to the eyes of the white area to create a constituency, using the color, the eyes of the astringent white area to brighten a little.

8, the establishment of color level adjustment layer, to adjust the overall level of color.

9, then, adjust the brightness contrast. Slight increase in brightness, slightly lower contrast.

10, set up a curve adjustment layer, the overall adjustment, a little bit of green, lower some red, improve some blue.

The effect of the curve adjustment is as follows:

11, the picture as a whole is not so red, now create an optional color layer, to adjust the red, magenta, neutral color, and black.

After adjusting, press OK, now the photo effect is as follows:

12, now, to the beauty of the dress color adjustment. Use the Quick Mask tool to get a selection of clothes. Then create a color balance adjustment layer for the selection.

Then you can adjust the values:

Let the color of clothes, discoloration better look a bit. When setting up a constituency, be aware that the neck, not more than the choice, many words, the eraser in the color balance of the mask, wipe off the good.

13, now to the beauty of the lip color adjustment, the original image of the lip gloss is too red, not suitable for her. To get a selection of lips with a quick mask tool:

14, first create a level adjustment layer, to adjust the color level of the lip.

15, after the color adjustment, the lips are lit a little, in the same lip selection, to create an optional color adjustment layer.

Adjusts red in an optional color.

When you are done, deselect the selection. Now the lip looks, the color is much more lovely.

Note that before you create an optional color adjustment layer, you need to regain the lip selection, get the lip selection, hold down the CTRL key, and then click the layer's mask that you created before. You can get a selection of your lips.

16, set up a curve adjustment layer again, give the whole a little bit brighter.

At this point, the overall effect of the photo is as follows:

17, press Ctrl+shift+alt+e to merge all layers. Then use the Topaz filter to do the final processing of the photo to make it more granular. Filter settings, just according to your liking. (Topaz filter can be downloaded on the site, the bottom has a search box)

18, finally save the file, complete the final effect:

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