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Photoshop This repair map artifact is not only a necessary network, many ordinary users in daily life also often need to use it to edit pictures, not to mention the Tianya forum on those "Master!" Help me ps a beautiful woman beside me "and so the funny post can bring us how much joy." However, if you are already a desktop PS user, would you be interested in the touch version of iOS or Android platforms? And, from the mouse keyboard to touch screen operation, PS will be so useful?

With these questions, let's take a look at how the Photoshop touch-screen experience is used.

Two versions

Photoshop Touch version is divided into tablets and smartphones two versions, the price is 10 U.S. dollars (about 61 yuan) and 5 U.S. dollars (about 31 yuan), the function is basically consistent, but due to the small size of the phone screen, some controls need to pass the sliding State bar to be able to see. I tested the iphone 5, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and ipad 2 and 3 for devices that were slow to open or save large files, other operations were smooth, and there was no crash.

iphone and Android Phone version interface and function is basically the same

In addition, the ipad version of the tutorial demo features more perfect, can help you quickly grasp the operation skills, mobile version of the Help content is more basic. On the whole, it seems that the ipad version is more professional, which is because of the larger touch screen size and better operation.

Interface and Functionality

If you've ever used a desktop version, so the Photoshop touch is not too difficult to grasp, the interface design for reference to some common image applications, can be easily photographed directly or from the album and some social media to import photos, the upper right side is a variety of toolbars, including our desktop version of the often used gadgets. Photoshop Touch version of the largest can support 12 million pixel photo editing, you can create layers, the number of layers depends on the size of the picture, after all, the ipad's graphics performance is not as powerful as the PC product, so the restrictions are understandable.

Icons based tools at a glance

In addition, some basic image editing functions are also available, including cutting images, add text, change brightness and contrast, and so on, the use of finger operation is also very convenient, but also provides a curve, histogram and other adjustment forms. However, in some features, the lack of text-callout command icons may make some novice feel confused, which is part of the need to improve.

You can easily edit pictures, but some command icons lack text annotations

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