Photoshop Transfer Painting Tutorial: Clothing in the hands of the practice of painting

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Hand-painted is the use of image processing tool PS, the character or landscape photos into a similar freehand effect of a picture processing method. Today we are going to look at the clothes in the hands of the practice of painting.

In the process of making a painting, we must pay attention to the following details, determine the success or failure of the results.

First: Skin effect. Many excellent hand-painted works, the skin effect is quite close to the freehand effect, rather than on the human skin color of "brightening, whitening."

Second: Eyes have a god. The eyes are the sublimation of the works, is the charm of the characters in the hands of the painting.

Third: facial expressions. In all of the expression, especially facial expression, embodies the emotions of the people have an important role.

First look at the original image

Pull the main body down. Do not ask me to pull a picture of swelling, dig. I use a rubber.

Filter-noise-median, value 3-5 or so. Look at the size of the picture. Anyway is the median to let the clothes on the obvious lines disappear. The approximate color block is also more clear.

Stroke the clothes with a dark color brush. I'm rather lazy. Only a few parts of the demarcation must be obvious. such as the junction of two pieces of skirts.

The next step is the most important one. The clothes have no hand-drawn feeling on this step.

In fact. is to use the brush to choose the original color of the clothes. Carry on the graffiti.

Make the dark darker. Let the light be brighter.

Hand-painted clothes. The highlight of the place is the key. Highlight to bold painting. But be sure to draw the right place. You have to draw it clearly. Not a lump of white. It doesn't look very textured.

Take a look at removing the original image.

In fact, it is so simple. Follow the original image of the light and shade to the line. Not a bit of technical content.

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