Photoshop turns life photos into cartoon illustrations

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Case effect


Fig. 1 effect comparison before and after making

  Technical Essentials of Photoshop tutorial

This section focuses on the application techniques of the Shadow Line, dark lines, photocopying, and hardening edge filters, as well as the application of layer "blending mode". Figure 2 shows the production overview diagram for this example.

Figure 2 Making an overview

Production steps

(1) Run Photoshop, execute "file" → "new

Figure 3 Setting the New dialog box

(2) in the menu bar to execute "file" → "open" command, open the character picture material. and drag the images from the People 6 document into the cartoon effects document.

(3) Press the key combination on the keyboard, perform the "Free Transform" command, adjust the parameters of the options bar as shown in Figure 4, press the key to apply the "Free Transform" command, and then adjust the image position in the view.

Figure 4 Adjusting the image

Tip: When the "Keep aspect ratio" button on the bar is selected, enter a fixed value and press the key, the image will be the center of the transformation point, according to a certain length and width ratio to change the size.

(4) Click the Pen tool in the Toolbox to draw the closed path along the character contour. Press the key combination on the keyboard to convert the path to a selection. Then press the key combination on the keyboard, reverse the selection, delete the selection, and then cancel the selection. As shown in Figure 5.

  • PS Image Processing
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