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The simple next step beat, the 2 steps to do is: 1, grinding skin, 2, liquefied thin face and pupil enlargement (because these 2 photos are already with the beauty of the pupil,

So no need to add pupil brush. 3, with eyelash brush, 4, on makeup (including: Face plug red, lipstick, eye shadow, add the time to pay attention to

Under the transparency, or too red to appear to become non-mainstream Ah!), 5, Hair color, 6, with a pen to draw eyeliner and hair.

Basically this is the case (the other border effects and GIF animation effect can be free to play Oh!) Okay, let's do this. I have a new map.

will be sent up again, will always give us a little bit of my own way, only for reference Oh! Come on everybody ~!!!

First look at the original picture and the effect of comparison

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Photoshop" that turns photos into cartoons:
  • ps picture processing
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