Photoshop Tutorial: Color Trend Splash Word

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Color Trend Splash Word

1, a new size customized document, background filled with gray. Select the Text tool to play your favorite text, font color selection white.

2. Double-click the type layer to bring up the layer style, set the projection, gradient overlay, stroke, and set the parameters as follows.

3. Create a new layer, and use the rectangular marquee tool to pull out the long rectangular selection and fill it with green, then copy and change the color to make the effect as shown in the following figure, and then merge the rectangular layer into one layer. A graphical constituency should cover text.

4, bring up the text layer selection, back to the fill layer, press CTRL + Shift + I to select, press DELETE to delete more parts, the effect of the following figure.

5, open the following picture of the ink material, with magic wand to pull out, piled in the text above. When stacked, merge the ink layers, and then load the selection. Close the eyes before the ink layer, back to the fill pattern layer, add the layer mask, the effect is as follows.

6, close the background layer before the eyes, stamping the visible layer, and then to the stamped layer to add layer style, the parameters set below the figure left.

7, with the Mobile tool to the text slightly to the right to move a little, to make three-dimensional effect.

8, open the following image of the material, in turn dragged in, decorated to the text above, the effect of the following figure.

9, the text layer to copy a layer, select menu: Edit > Transform > Vertical Flip, move to the original text, plus layer mask, with a black brush painted reflection effect, complete the final effect.

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