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A lot of people do not like to use raw format to take photos, feel that the late adjustment of the film is very troublesome, but the raw format is undoubtedly the best choice for digital camera, can be lossless preservation of photo details, and through the later perfect display. In fact, as long as you are familiar with raw parameters and principles, the adjustment is quite simple and fast.

On the image of a friend on the internet often asked the color adjustment method, in fact, quite simple, just use the Photoshop CS5 with the raw export function, the export parameters set one step, such a method to maximize the quality of the photos, while also rich in personality, Even the efficiency of the tablet is much quicker than the later adjustment with JPG.

First of all, let's talk about the adjustment of this picture, without making any adjustments to the picture, shades of gray, insipid color, and there is no personality of the digital flavor, the impression of the Jiangnan, should be soothing quiet, with quiet water gas, there is a thick nostalgic taste, with this feeling, to adjust the picture of the river, It's the perfect fit.

Open the raw source file in PS, will jump out of the adjustment panel, the right side of this list is our main use of the adjustment parameters, first of all, we choose the first, the basic image of the adjustment, exposure, white balance, brightness contrast, what can be adjusted here, first adjust the photo exposure, accurate after the photo is still gray, Don't worry, we can use contrast and fill the brightness of the increase, adjust the picture contrast, saturation can be slightly reduced, highlighting the nostalgic atmosphere.

The last thing to focus on is the color of mild tone, the exact color temperature should be 4700, but the hope highlights the quiet early morning feeling, so forcibly lowered to 3700, the whole picture on the blue, tonal minus 22, the screen began to green, this blue-green hue, very suitable for this picture.

This step adjusts the parameters as shown in the figure above.

Then we'll adjust the fifth item in the list, separate tones, this function is very convenient to the photo of the high light and shaded parts to add color trend, high light I joined a large number of yellow, to convey the feeling of nostalgia, a little bit red dark, to balance just too much blue-green color bias.

Through the simple adjustment of two steps, the whole picture of the color feeling is basically out.

This step adjusts the parameters as shown in the figure above.

We can make minor adjustments to the photos, and first we find that due to the photo latitude problem, when the subject of accurate exposure, located in the corner of the surface and the sky has become a white, we can through the list sixth, lens correction in the lens halo function, to the photo plus dark angle effect, in order to crush the surface and the sky of the Storm, This step can also be done by using the Adjust brush in the list above the raw adjustment interface to highlight or darken it locally.

Finally, using the second item of the right list, the tonal curve, to enhance the contrast of the whole picture, this step and the "curve" function in PS processing JPG image is the most important difference is that the adjustment here will not damage the quality, which is the embodiment of the biggest advantage of raw.

The adjustment parameters of these two steps, as shown above, are done, but don't rush to open the import Photoshop.

We click on the penultimate item in the list, preset, there is a new icon in the lower right corner (like a piece of white paper), click on it, you can save this picture settings as a preset function, the next time you want to deal with the same style of photos, import raw photos, in the list to find this storage preset, click, haha, The great success again, if there are other adjustments, and then to the list menu to select fine-tuning can be very convenient oh. These presets are actually suffixes named XMP files, the default existence of "C:\Users\ldh\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings" inside. You can easily use these presets on other computers by finding the files under this directory and taking them off.

The picture above is a few of the common presets I've explored all day. Family's use, if you very much want, please add me qq:820969535, if you are upright, moral integrity, not two B youth, just ordinary youth or literary youth, and I just have the time and is very happy, will send a package to you ...

These use the preset of this article to deal with some photos of Jiangnan town.

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