Photoshop twist feature to make beautiful 3D animations

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PS Distort function to make stereo images. You don't need a 3D filter to do this.

This example mainly introduces the use of distortion function to make stereo images. You don't need a 3D filter to do this.

2. Merging of two animations

Effect Chart:

Production Material:

Production process:

1. New background color is black canvas, size 800*600,RGB color, resolution 72, open two footage, unlock, cut into 380*285, pull into the canvas with mobile tool. Crtl +j Copy one of the pieces. Arrange by diagram position. (This has three footage, named left, right, top), respectively, to three footage of the edit----stroke----white----6 pixels.

2. Select the material right, ctrl+t pull out the transformation. Use your mouse to pull the center point to the center of the left line. (When you are about to pull, the center point will be automatically sucked in) then hold down CTRL and press the left mouse button at the center of the right line to move up and down to distort. (See photo)

3. This is also the case for the above material (see photo)

4. Basic forming of aquarium tank. Merge top Right left three layers

5. Move the aquarium to the center and use the edit-free transform to pull it into a rectangular shape.

6. Use the mobile tool to move into the flower and small fish tank landscaping

7. Merge all visible layers

8. Pull into 4 tropical fish, such as picture placement, into the ImageReady animation (figure for the first frame diagram)

9. Copy a frame, in the second frame to pull the fish to the left and right (diagram of the second frame diagram), and then transition frames (transition to the previous frame of 25 frames), so that a total of 27 frames.

10. Two animation merge: The condition is two animation of the same number of frames, with IR open small kissing fish, found that there are 9 frames, need to copy 18 frames to be combined with the stereo aquarium animation. The method of copying is to select all frames----copy Frames

11. Paste the frame---after the selection paste. Sticky paste two times. There's a total of 27 frames.

12. Then choose to kiss the fish all frame----copy frame, open the stereo water tank---Select all frames----sticky frame----on the selection of paste, sticky paste with the mobile tool to adjust the position.

13. The image is too large available---image---image size to reduce the height and width to facilitate the upload, the animation is rich in color, and PS animation only 256 colors, so slightly distorted, with the graphic optimization can reduce distortion. Finally optimized for saving in GIF format.

14. Final Effect:

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