Photoshop uses 3D Lut to pull up a beautiful tonal tutorial

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To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the use of 3D Lut one step to pull out the beautiful tones of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
Let's take a look at the contrast between the original piece and the film:

↑ The original piece is mostly gray, the sense of hierarchy is not clear, part of the details are exposed, background messy ↑ The film is not a lot of ~
First step
Open your photoshop~ through Adobe Camera Raw to open a picture.
First of all students to say that a do not set the open way, is the file → open for ... Select Camera Raw in the open file format to use Adobe Camera Raw to open a photo one time ~
Here, I use PS CC, in fact, CS6 can be ~ Then, open a photo, because I often open a large number of pictures, so set the all format photos are first through Adobe Camera Raw (hereinafter referred to ACR) open. Set the steps as follows: Edit → Preferences →camera Raw

The key is that the JPEG and TIFF processes below are turned on automatically instead.
Like which way to see the students themselves ~

Second Step
The ACR interface is ejected, and the underlying photo exposure, details, etc. are processed. The specific processing situation according to different photos do different processing.
Due to the lack of early filming, so the photo for two times composition, spot repair and other operations ~
PS: Because in some shots, some factors can cause highlights to highlight, so reduce the high light, find details, this is very important, in the future when the film to pay attention to, highlights are also the details of the ~ Similarly, the darker exposure problem will also cause dark black, but the dark part is also the details, therefore, The details of the recovery is the important point of image processing ~

Third Step
After the basic processing, we have to ensure that the one thing is whether the high light or light, the details must be revealed, we click on "Open Image", Next, we will be the most simple and rough a key palette function ~
In the lower-right corner of the interface, Layer window, there is an icon (create a new fill or adjust layer)

Decisively press down, then decisively press "Color Lookup" (CS6 and later versions), like this! Don't hesitate!

The layer window then creates a new color lookup adjustment layer with a mask, like this!, and an adjustment dialog box that pops up a color lookup.

OK, next, click the "Load 3D LUT ..." drop-down menu, and then you'll find a new world!

Woooooow ... Many options ah ...
Little gentlemen, next, choose a random, point!
When I was adjusting the film, I chose to lean down.

Because this color in the dark has a very obvious "de taste", that is, blue, the middle Shifa Orange, has a strong contrast effect, suitable for more in the dark or want to contrast strong photos.
The initial effect of the transfer is as follows:

How, than the original film is not a lot of change it??? (where is the applause???????)
Final closure
If you say that the effect of a key color is not very satisfactory, it does not matter, you can also process, adjust the color curve Ah, the saturation ah, change a mixed mode Ah, wipe a mask ah, there will be a new world! (yes, the pit is digging bigger!)
And then after a series of reprocessing, we finally get the piece is like this ~

Is there a kind of oil painting feeling pinch ~ ~ ~ ~
Here, I'm just holding up a chestnut. PS with a large number of 3D lut files, you can try to use a lot of new style, not necessarily limited to my example of that file, which also has a lot of Wenqing are like the Fuji film style Oh, see you can find out the color of their favorite photo is not a dream!
3D Lut File Rendering method
In the Layer window select "Color Lookup", choose your favorite 3D Lut file is good ~ it is so simple!
PS: This period is simply for you to introduce the 3DLUT in the unconventional state of the use of the method, the next issue, I will give you a detailed description of 3DLUT in the retention of the most details of the use of the method ~ in this first sell a little bit of the case ~
You think I'm going to end this simple??? I'm the one who can bury the eggs.

Poof hahaha, I feel that this cat is too much like Hitler, and then asked the teacher pony help p a German helmet ... If you like it, take it to the harvest wallpaper!
Also has its own PS built-in 3DLUT file is not many, so students can go online search 3D lut files, there are a lot of generous photography to share their collection of 3D Lunt files, import into PS use it!
Well, the above information is small to give you photoshop this software users to bring the detailed use of 3D lut one step to pull out the beautiful tones of the tutorial to share all the content, you see the users here, now you are very clear method of it, So now go to the small part of the way to try it yourself.

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