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To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed interpretation of the use of action to automatically handle a large amount of pictures of the tutorial.
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In this tutorial, we will create a PS action that reduces the length of the image to 1000 pixels and then applies it to several examples. Support PS action and batch Automation operation Photoshop is more than CS3, follow the practice of netizens to pay attention to.

Figure 00
Step 1
Create a 2000*1500 pixel canvas as the first document. This creates the PS action for us and later records the picture size change.

Figure 01
Step 2
Select Window > Action in the main menu to open the Action Action window. Click the button at the bottom of the Action Action window "new group", the name is "shrink action."

Figure 02

Figure 03
Step 3
Click the "Shrink action" group to select it, and then create new actions and save them inside. The PS creation action can only be run in PS and can only be inside the group. Click the New button to create an action named "1000PX Wide".

Figure 04

Figure 05
Step 4
Click the Action Panel Record button, and then start recording the operation. So each step of the operation will be recorded, to be used in bulk operation. Select Image > Image size in the main menu, set width to 1000 pixels, tick the zoom style, maintain proportions, and resample. Set the resample mode to Automatic, click OK. Instead of worrying about the size of the canvas, the action record records only the values of the marquee, such as the width you just set and the Drop-down menu you resample.

Figure 06
Step 5
After adjusting, save the image and let the action continue to record. Normally, you don't need to save in one action, but because you want to use bulk automation, you need to output to the correct file type. Select File > Save As, select file type as JPEG, and check the IIC configuration file. As shown in the following figure. There is no need to worry about the location of the image save, because in the batch operation, we will be required to save the specified folder, but in the action record to select the file type.

Figure 07
Step 6
Go back to the action panel and click the Stop button. So the action record is basically finished. Take a look at the example image size and save the sequence.

Figure 08
Step 7
Select File > Auto > Batch to open the Batch window, set the Drop-down menu in the group to choose to shrink the action group, and select 1000PX Wide in the action.

Figure 09
Step 8
Click to select the file source for the batch and select the folder provided by the material.

Figure 10
Step 9
You do not have to tick the ' open ' command in overwrite action because no files are open during the recording process. Also uncheck "Include all subfolders" because we do not include subfolders in the footage we use. Check the "Prohibit the display of File Open Options dialog box" and "Prohibit color profile warning", so that you can avoid each image processing pop-up confirmation profile changes the options and dialog box. Most JPEG images adopt an embedded sRGB color profile, and the PS default RGB mode is sRGB, so there is no need to warn and confirm. If the image itself does not have a color profile, PS defaults to using sRGB to operate. If you do not check the "Prohibit color profile warning", it will pop up again and again, can not automate the operation. After choosing good, click OK, PS began to work.

Figure 11
Step 10
Create a new folder on your computer's desktop, named "Batch Process Images resized". Go back to the batch window, set the target folder, and select the folder you just created. The "Save as" command in overwrite action is then checked so that the batch will go to the settings in the save and not the file location.

Figure 12
Step 11
Finally, select the file name style. compatibility, check Mac OS and UNIX. The error selection stopped because of an error.

Figure 13
Step 12
Click OK in the Batch window. So Photoshop will quietly shrink and save the picture:

Figure 14
Well, the above information is small make up to you photoshop this software users of the detailed use of the action to automate the processing of a large amount of pictures of the tutorial to share all the content, I hope that the small series of the above tutorial can give you help.

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