Photoshop uses calculations and channels to dig up white-haired children

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Effect Figure 1

Effect Figure 2

The first step to copy Layer 1, enter the channel, observe the red, green and blue three channels, found that the red channel black and white contrast effect is most obvious, the more obvious the easier to pull out, it chose it

The second step is to drag the red channel to the following create a new channel (with corner) icon or directly right-click to select the copy channel to produce a red channel copy

Step three Select image-Calculation command

The fourth step is to eject the calculation panel, select overlay or strong light mode in the blending mode, which can make the black area darker and white more white. Are you sure

After the fifth step is determined, an alpha channel is generated (in short, when the selection is stored after the calculation, Photoshop converts the portion of the selection to white and the remainder into black and into a new channel.

Such channels are called alpha channels, we can make it more convenient and accurate selection of the need, not a good selection, but also can be calculated again, generate ALPHA2, ALPHA3, etc., no longer repeat.

White hair is the object we want to pull out, so we have to dispose of it out of gray or grey. On the premise of the foreground color black, click the Brush tool, 30 pixels in the soft corner, opacity about 30%,

Smear in excess white and gray areas to make it black and disappear. The upper right corner of the border with the hair tip should be painted with a smaller brush, not blunt

When the sixth step is applied to the tip of the hair, be sure to enlarge the figure by N times. PS How to say are wins, no less than cross-stitch

On the cheek of the seventh step, apply the soft angle brush below 10 pixel

After the eighth step is applied, the head should be smeared clean. You can replace the front background color by clicking on the curved two-headed arrow icon of the front-colored thumbnail below the left toolbox. Press the shortcut key x is OK, the brush is now white,

Select 20 pixel, opacity 100%, smear on head, all processed into white

The Nineth step is good. We're going to choose a white-haired constituency now. Click to select-load the selection command, you will see the lovely ant line, that is, the selection

The tenth step point RGB and then point layer, back to the layers panel, from the dark behind the scenes to the bright foreground. Press ctrl+j key, white hair is pulled out, and generate a new layer, Layer 2

The 11th step at this time we pull out of the white in fact at the tip of the hair is gray, the following two layer point off the front of the eyes you will find. So we're going to turn the gray hairs out to white. Shortcut key Ctrl+l,

Excellent level Panel (with curved tools), pull the middle gray slider to the Black slider, pull the head, and immediately see the pure white hair. Creates a new blank layer (the icon to create a layer below the dot-level panel),

Click on the front view thumbnail will pop up color Picker panel, click a random mouse color to determine. Then press the key combination alt+delete to fill the foreground color onto the new layer.

Step 12th in the Layers panel, drag layer 1 to the top, create a black mask (ALT + Add layer Mask button), you will see the white hair figure, the purpose is to pull out the face of the character.

Create a black Mask many friends will forget one of the most important step is to set the foreground color to black (point curved double arrow or press X key to replace, if the foreground color is not black is other colors, use D key to restore),

This is the only way to use the Eraser tool properly (the foreground color of my chart below has not been adjusted). After the foreground color is black, click the Eraser tool and use the soft (standard or soft) eraser tool to erase the previous step in Layer 2

Some of the dirty things that appear after using a color-level tool, such as a circle of figures. The rest of the place should be wiped clean. Then go back to the mask layer, smear it in a black tile with about 30 pixels of soft eraser and 40% opacity,

Gradually revealed the original color. Face the edge to try to enlarge n times to wipe out. I saw a few friends in the other place to deal with the good, on the face here is still not very satisfied.

The last step adjusts the background color. In the Layer 3,ctrl+u key, pop-up hue/Saturation panel, select hue and Saturation tool, free pull, you can see the background color is constantly changing

In my humble opinion, a pen is a coarse-digging tool that is not suitable for fine hair gouging. and hair pull, in addition to filters or plug tools, non-channel mo genus. The channel is the constituency, in this backstage, only the black and white gray world.

As long as the object is prepared to pick out a variety of ways to make it as black as possible white (the wedding is also used in gray), it is easy to pick out the constituency.

PS Many of the tools are more obscure or abstruse, we can not learn one day two days, only through each of us to do exercises, in familiar with the tools at the same time, slowly grasp and sentiment, each time there will be new discoveries.

We would like to learn and progress together!

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