Photoshop uses high contrast to preserve lossless digital photos

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Sharpening is usually the final step in the back-end photo, including Photoshop There are many many sharp methods or software available, and high contrast retention is one of the most recommended way, because its procedures are simple, and can be almost lossless image processing, there is a considerable degree of flexibility and control. High contrast retention, as the name suggests, is to filter out some of the high contrast parts to deal with, mainly is the image of the edge/contour part, which is the most we want to sharpen the place. In contrast, other sharp features, often the whole picture is modified, resulting in unnecessary roughness, so high contrast retention is more recommended.

Late steps

First, we open the picture in Photoshop, and then right click on the image in the layer position and select duplicate layer. Then on the new layer, select the filter –> other –> High contrast retention. And the general sharpness of the photos, we will choose 0.5–3 pixel range, depending on what you are dealing with the image. This time I choose 1.5.

Then select the image –> adjust the –> hue and saturation. The saturation is minimized to minimize color interference. Then, in this layer that has been reserved with high contrast, set the layer mode to overlay, while the opacity remains 100%.

Sharpening the processing of results

We can look at the comparison, the following is 100% cut, the left image is before surgery, the right image is surgery, obviously in line, edge position and details of much clearer.

Another picture of the 100% cut, also has a clear effect.

The following is not 100%, but it is obvious that the texture of the petals is clearer, but the image of the other parts (low contrast) is not degraded.

The pits on the metal surface are more pronounced and the word is clearer.


In post-production, you can choose different coverage mode, such as the soft light to replace the cover, or to adjust the opacity, I often use strong light and reduce opacity to sharpen, feel more hale.

Of course, this is only used after the system, so that the image more sharp, the main body more prominent and then, we also need a lot of skills in shooting, to take the most sharp and clear photos, simply listed as follows:

1 Use tripod, remote shutter and even the mirror to advance, minimize any vibration, if you want to hand the camera, try to increase the shutter speed.

2 with small-aperture, general landscape photography people will be set to F/8–F/11, to help the overall picture clear, or the general shooting, the use of the best aperture value (usually the maximum aperture value of one to two).

3 use minimum ISO value to reduce noise.

4 accurate focus, if necessary even use manual focus.

5 attention to light, in general, light and strong light will cause the image is too flat, such as the midday sun, there is a shadow of light usually shoot out more prominent, automatic focus is also easier.

6 The use of better quality lenses, usually with a price ratio, or the use of fixed-focus lenses, usually better quality.

7 do not use the shock function on the lens (such as vr/is), also do not install the filter.

8 Use those cameras that remove the Low-pass filter (for example, Nikon d800e or Sony rx1r).

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