Photoshop uses text to create personalized face pictures-PS tutorial

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There are many ways to create images by using text. The following describes how to use a paint brush and a selection area. General process: first define a set of text brushes and patterns you want. Then convert the avatar or other images into a vector image. Finally, use the selection area to select the shadow, gray area and other different selection areas to brush the text and fill the text pattern. Make some minor adjustments to complete the effect.
Final effect

1. open the figure.

2. use the photoshop pen tool to create a selection area along the black area under your ears. Double-click the background layer contact lock and rename it Portrait. Create a new layer under the Portrait layer and fill it with color # FFFFFF. Then go to the image> Adjust> color separation. Set the value to 4.

3. click the eye button on the layer panel to hide the Portrait layer. Use the text tool to select the font color you like as #000000 and enter some text, as shown in.

4. next we will create a photoshop brush. To complete this step, create a selection area in the text as shown below. Go to edit> define brush tool. Now, a new brush has appeared in your paint preset panel. Use the same method to create a brush for the remaining words.

5. Next, we will customize the fill pattern. We merge all the text, just like on a single layer. Go to edit> free transform. Reduce the text size to a very small one, as I did. Hide all layers except text. create a selection area around the text and go to edit> define pattern options. You can see that a new pattern has been created in your pattern presets.

6. you can hide them without using text layers. Make the Portrait and background layers visible. This time we will create a selection area around the black area, just like the one I created around her neck.

7. make sure that the selected area is selected. go to select> select a similar color range. The color of all such details will be selected.

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