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Do you still remember the scene of the "Winter Sonata"? And the winter is fading away, the shadow friends are not on hand to accumulate a lot of winter portrait works? How to deal with these works into a very literary flavor

? This period to share how to pass the simple later, let the Winter plain portrait works to create a warm feeling of literature and art.

Left: Original image, right: effect picture.

Copy Background layer Processing

Operation as far as possible on the duplicate layer

1. In order to facilitate the operation later, we want to add a new layer in the Layer window, and make a palette operation in the new copy layer. Keep a picture of the original layer, to facilitate our return to the initial state.

Click the right mouse button, the pop-up box appears. Then move the mouse to the location of the copy layer, and click the mouse to copy the background layer.

2. You can make naming changes in the Copy Layers window. Enter the name of the procedure you want to perform in the input box. As shown in the figure, named "Color palette." After the name is finished, click OK to complete the copy layer step.

In order to be able to accurately remember the effect of the layer, naming is very important.

Color Balance Adjust Color

To create a warm atmosphere for the whole work by changing the color balance of the work

1. On the Image menu, locate the Curves option. Open the Curves window, the curve can adjust the overall brightness of the picture, is a very common option. Select the middle part of the curve, click the mouse, move the top left slowly,

You can see that the photo will brighten and the saturation will increase. The numerical embodiment is "input value 89", "Output value 148".

2. Use the color balance to adjust the brightness of the screen and shading, we further adjust the luminance of the face of the screen, in order to make the skin appear fairer, brighter, you can choose the "magnetic lasso" tool will

Character facial selection, will feather set to "5px", in the Pull up curve tool, slightly left the top pull, must not adjust too bright.

3. Select "Filter" to open the render option. In render, locate the lens flare. "Lens halo" mainly adds some artificial sun effect to the photo, making the work look more dreamy and artistic.

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