Photoshop's frequently-used high-frequency polishing post-image repair tutorials

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We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the tutorials on post-repair of frequently-used high-frequency skin polishing.
Tutorial sharing:
Each row has different requirements. Commercial advertising films have an idea to express themselves. No matter what effect a picture is, the most basic thing is to satisfy the natural truth and comfort.
If you see this picture, it is obvious that the image has been repaired. If you see it, you know that it has been P, who will buy it ~ About the texture of the portrait image that everyone is studying,
I personally think there is no standard. For example, the skin of a skin care product needs to be white. What is the most authentic state of the character taken by a fashion advertisement image in the desert?
There is no standard to say that each image must be made into a very small image. It is somewhat distorted.
Now let's start the tutorial. In fact, the high and low frequencies have been used in foreign countries for a long time. After years of improvement, I had a better way.
The high and low frequencies are not used to sharpen skin, but to mix colors and shadows. The high and low frequencies divide an image into two layers.
One is color, light, and brightness. The other is the texture layer. In this way, we can repair the color and brightness without affecting the texture.
First look at the source image and renderings:



Step 1: Copy the two-layer shortcut key ctrl + j on the source image.
Name the first layer as the color layer (this layer retains the color brightness and light) and the second layer as the texture layer (this layer retains the texture ).


Step 2: perform Gaussian blur on the color layer until the pores are invisible (note: The more blurred the texture, the more rough the texture.
Fuzzy, easy to detail. It will be blurred if it is rarely repaired ).


Step 3 apply the image layer to the texture layer and select the layer that you just blurred to mix and subtract the Zoom 2 compensation value to 128


Then, change the pattern of the texture layer to linear light.


Step 4: create a blank layer on the color layer. We will repair the image here. Select the mixer paint brush. The paint brush parameters are shown in the following figure.
(Different from the paint brush, the mixer can better combine colors)


Next we will use the Mixer Brush and the color wheel. The shortcut key of the color wheel is shift + alt + the left mouse button.
Key point: this is used to combine patch and replace colors to achieve unified skin color.


As shown in the figure, you only need to turn the color to the yellow color to replace the unified skin color.


The effect is shown in the figure.


Step 5: combine light and shade color brightness


Now, the detailed steps are described.
This method is more difficult to grasp than to reduce the intensity. You need to understand the color and details to a certain extent. This is because you can increase or decrease the intensity of light and shade to adjust the details.
However, the brightness and brightness are adjusted together. A lot of time will be saved if it is used well. You can also make good images.
I personally think the most important thing in the future is understanding and aesthetic feeling. The method is only a part.
Final effect!


All right, the above information is all the content shared by the tutorials of high-frequency and low-frequency polishing for users of photoshop's software, you can see the software users here. I believe that you are now very clear about the post-image repair method, so all the users will go and follow the tips above to try the results.

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