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Three-dimensional is easy to do, but to be able to perfect integration with the scene, but also need some special treatment. such as the following tutorial: three-dimensional word, the author according to the background, light source, texture, etc. to the three-dimensional character of the various facets of thinning processing, the effect is very whole, delicate.

Final effect

1, the logic here is, first to meet the perspective of the principle of 3D text outline and then put into Photoshop add texture and effect, make the art of pseudo 3D vision. There are many ways to get a 3D profile, such as a good drawing of the students can hand-painted.

Using the 3D effect in AI:

3D tools in Photoshop:

There are a lot of ways to get 3D text, as you like.

2, get the outline of 3D text we can begin to enter the core of this tutorial in the image synthesis link.

Establish a background. Create a new canvas of the right size and place the background footage. Color the material, try to darken it and improve contrast.

3, the production of text, here with the letter "P" as an example. Paste the copied text from the AI into Photoshop and adjust the size and position.

4, use the pen to tick out 3D text of each inside area, apply layer style to get foundation texture.

5, the effect is as shown.

6, the rest of the areas are also the same operation. However, the layer demo should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

7, according to the outline with a pen to draw 3D text, and layer style to give its foundation texture. Note that the shape layer is used here and the layer style is used to adjust because the properties here can be modified at any time. I think for the GUI or icon design friends, should be very clear.

8, with the clipping mask to further modify the text processing.

Add a brightness Contrast adjustment layer, the overall brightness is lowered, a new layer of high light layer mixed mode for linear Dodge, a layer of dark layer blending mode is a multiply. The bright part uses the suitable soft angle brush, adjusts the flow and the transparency, absorbs a bright yellow to draw the light high light on the smooth surface, appropriate time may use the Gauss blur to be possible. Dark layer Instead, create shaded area.




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