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What do you say? I haven't updated my blog for a long time. There is nothing good to recommend to everyone. Recently, a lot of friends asked me. What do I do with the pictures of my blog? Plus what code is not. I've been trying to get this software out of the way. But I haven't written a tutorial. Today, I took a little time to simply write a tutorial. A few minutes can make you a good image box without PS can be a master.

Okay, don't talk nonsense. Let's go straight to the point.

First you have to download the tool below me. Installation. Amount This will be all right. (an egg is flying to me.) I told you to talk nonsense. Friendly tips: You can download after the first scan to see if there is a virus. Then install. Although I promise no virus, but you have to test yourself. After all, their anti-virus software is not the same.

Open the tool when you have finished loading. Went into the picture below.

The function of the individual I use the text table is very clear. It's not burdensome to say. Concrete look at the text.

The next thing you need is the point loading file and the following dialog box appears:

Well. Find out where your pictures are. Here I put the desktop for the demonstration. You can find the files you want in other locations on your computer.

When you select a file, you can preview it by opening it.

You can see the preview effect of loading the picture.

Then let's proceed to the next step.

There are several not introduced here. Then use the text to introduce:

Resize: This one is mainly a custom adjustment to the size of the picture. Suggest that if you are unfamiliar, do not move inside the things, but you can try to see the effect.

Effect: Mainly on the image of some very basic adjustments. Of course if you have some processing software. So what about the adjustment here. In fact, some of the other software's image processing effect is similar.

Configuration: Uh. This is the core configuration of the software. Do not move this configuration if you are not familiar with it.

Help: This will not be introduced. It's some basic information about the software.

Let's look at the signature below. This is a bit more.

Look at the problem in the picture. I will not introduce more. The relevant settings can be arbitrary to do their own personality. about the picture signature. It involves a picture watermark problem. If you are PNG. Well, it's transparent.

Set it up later. Well. Important Little preview . If the point conversion will automatically generate a folder.

All right. Let's take a look at the effect of the preview.

This point. It's important to save as . You can choose to save the path yourself. And then the whole effect comes out, oh.

Is it simple? Oh. Hope you can also be a master. Let oneself also can shuoshuo to shine.

The last little tip: if you can't find where your picture is, just click on the Google Image management tool behind the article and download it. You can manage the picture of your computer in all directions. No matter where you leave the photos can help you find out.

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