PHP: // input is used to process form data with the same name value. inputname_PHP tutorial

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In PHP, use php: input to process form data with the same name value, inputname. In PHP, php: input is used to process form data with the same name value. inputname was used in February. in my blog, I analyzed the problem of processing the data submitted by php to receive forms with the same name value on the frontend, PHP: // input is used to process form data with the same name value. inputname

In August last October, I analyzed in my blog the problem of processing data submitted by forms with the same front-end name value in php. at that time, the solution was to change the name value to the array type, after receiving the code, php merges the array. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not fully compatible with front-end forms. users must make changes to the forms, and the system requirement is that all upgrades are completely transparent to users. Therefore, this method is not perfect.

After nearly a year of accumulation, we found that php provides the original method for accessing the input/output stream. POST data can be obtained through php: // input:

The code is as follows:

Php: // input is a read-only stream that can access the requested raw data. In the case of POST requests, it is best to use php: // input instead of $ HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA, because it does not rely on specific php. ini commands. In this case, $ HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is not filled by default, which requires less memory than activating always_populate_raw_post_data. When enctype = "multipart/form-data", php: // input is invalid.
Php: // the data stream opened by input can only be read once. The data stream does not support the seek operation. However, depending on the implementation of SAPI, when the request body data is saved, it can open another php: // input data stream and read it again. Generally, this is only for POST requests, rather than other request methods, such as PUT or PROPFIND.

Therefore, you can use php to obtain the form data with the same name value. 1. use php: // input to obtain the original POST data. 2. process and merge the data. 3, re-assign the processed value to the system variable $ _ POST. The following is a defined function:

Function GET_SUBMIT () {if (empty ($ _ POST) return $ _ POST; // Determine the submission type if ($ _ SERVER ["HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE"]! = 'Application/x-www-form-urlencoded ') {return $ _ POST;} // obtain the original POST value $ data = file_get_contents ("php: // input "); if (empty ($ data) return $ _ POST; // start processing $ POST = array (); $ list = explode ('&', $ data ); foreach ($ list as $ key => $ value) {// Obtain the KEY and Value of POST $ postname = urldecode (substr ($ value, 0, stripos ($ value, "="); $ postvalue = urldecode (substr ($ value, (stripos ($ value, "=") + 1 ))); // process KEY and Value values // remove spaces and [] $ postname = trim ($ postname, ', [,]'); $ postvalue = trim ($ postvalue); if (array_key_exists ($ postname, $ POST) {$ POST [$ postname] = $ POST [$ postname]. ",". $ postvalue;} else {$ POST [$ postname] = $ postvalue ;}} return $ POST ;}

Next, you only need to use "$ _ POST = GET_SUBMIT ()" as needed, and then you can use $ _ POST to obtain the data of each form after processing.

In March last October, I analyzed the problem of processing data submitted by forms with the same front-end name value in php in my blog ,...

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