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PHP editing tool
The webpage editing software designed for PHP provides PHP editing, debugging, browsing, original code viewing, file browsing, And customizable original code samples, you can test PHP without setting up a website host.


A software that allows you to create, edit, run, and debug PHP4 or PHP5 scripts.

An easy-to-use PHP development tool with functions that take care of beginners and Professional Developers. the built-in http server is used for testing and debugging (you can also use other http servers ), PHP syntax check, FTP functions, and other functions



A set of powerful functions can replace Notepad's text editor, with unlimited Undo/Redo, spell check, automatic line feed, column number tag, search replacement, multi-file editing at the same time, full screen browsing features. It also has a good function, that is, it has the function of monitoring the clipboard, which can be synchronized to the clipboard to automatically paste text into the EditPlus editing window, so that you do not need to do the pasting step. In addition to HTML tags (C/C ++, Perl, and Java), it also provides built-in HTML and CSS1 commands, for friends who are used to editing web pages with notepad, it can help you save more than half the time for creating web pages. If you have installed IE 3.0 or later, it will be integrated with IE browser in the EditPlus window, this allows you to preview the edited webpage directly (if IE is not installed, you can also specify the browser path ).
: Http://

ZEND Studio

An award-winning professional PHP integrated development environment with powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools. It supports PHP syntax highlighted display, automatic syntax filling, and bookmarks, supports automatic syntax reduction and code copying. It has a powerful built-in PHP code debugging tool that supports both local and remote debugging modes and multiple advanced debugging functions.

PHP Environment Construction

Mysql management tools

A MySQL database written in PHP can be controlled and operated over the Internet, and phpMyAdmin can be used to operate the database completely, such as creating, copying, deleting, exporting, and importing data.
: Http://

MySQL Control Center (MySQLCC) is an interactive graphical interface management tool for MySQL database servers. The main features include multi-Document Interface, highlighted syntax, databases and tables in the drag-and-drop mode, editable/addable/deleted domains, editable/insertable/deleteable records, and displayed members, executable SQL scripts, interface with external programs, and save data to CSV files
Http:// Wd = mysqlcc % CF % C2 % D4 % D8

SQLyog is a simple, efficient, and powerful MySQL database management tool with GUI user management interfaces. SQLyog allows you to maintain a remote MySQL database from anywhere in the world through the network. Compared with similar MySQL database management tools, it has the following features:
1. convenient and quick tools for Database Synchronization and database structure synchronization;
2. Easy-to-use backup and restoration functions for databases and tables;
3. Data is imported and exported in XML, HTML, CSV, and other formats;
4. directly run large SQL script files, which is extremely fast;
The first open-source version of SQLyog can be downloaded from the official Webyog website.

Navicat MySQL

Navicat MySQL for Windows 7.2.6 released, added support for HTTP channels and foreign key data selection features. Navicat MySQL is a set of Graphical Database management, reporting, and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems. It features high performance, business intelligence, and powerful backup functions. The updated features include: 1. Added support for HTTP channels and added support for accessing MySQL servers through HTTP. You only need to upload the specified file named ntunnel_mysql.php to the web server. 2. You can select the Table view as the foreign key data reference Table to obtain the specified data. Official Website Yr = 2006 & mth = 9

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