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All of them have solved the issue of garbled code in JSP, but some people still haven't solved the problem of MySQL garbled code, including myself, so I found some information, we hope this time we can completely solve the problem of garbled characters in the MySQL database.
The first method is an incisive summary:
The VM is often changed, and the MySQL versions of different service providers are different. After data is imported, garbled characters and other problems cannot be displayed normally. I checked a lot of information and summarized my skills:

This is the case when importing data in windows.
Use MySQL commands
Run the doscommand to enter the MySQL bin directory and enter the mysql-uroot-P Password Database Name <the database to be restored. For example, we need to name disk D as test. the SQL database is restored to the local database Test2, so MySQL is used for foreign hosts before mysql-uroot-P password test2. X series, I feel better, no matter GBK and UTF-8 are not garbled, did not expect the new host MySQL is 5.0 version, after importing data, read out with PHP is question mark, garbled text. I remember that I had a previous experience with Garbled text during Switching. The reason must be the difference between MySQL versions.

I had to check the information and found a solution. I added a set names utf8 sentence after mysql_connect to eliminate garbled characters in the utf8 database. For GBK databases, I used set names GBK,CodeAs follows:

$ Mysql_mylink = mysql_connect ($ mysql_host, $ mysql_user, $ mysql_pass );
Mysql_query ("set names 'gbk '");

The database character set is UTF-8.

The connection statement uses this
Mysql_query ("set names 'utf8 '");
Mysql_query ("set Character Set utf8 ");
Mysql_query ("set character_set_results = utf8 '");

Another way is to change the MySQL character set if your machine is running. It is generally valid in MySQL 4 and MySQL 5.

Method 2: A good explanation. Try it.

Summary of MySQL garbled processing:

(1) Chinese characters are processed normally in Java. Displaying garbled characters in the CMD client is a problem with character sets.

(2) The length of the field is long enough. However, when a Chinese character is inserted, the system prompts com. MySQL. JDBC. mysqldatatruncation: Data truncation: data too long for column.

(3) garbled characters are the final issue of character sets. We should consider the following aspects from Character Set settings: Server, client, database, connection, and results.

------------------------- Solution ----------------------

(1) modify the my. ini (MySQL server instance configuration file)

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