PHP 5 ways to upload files

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PHP 5 ways to upload files
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one, ordinary file upload method
There are two ways in which the last file was previously available, as follows:
1, use the original eco-PHP last file.
(1) Front-end code

(2) PHP code (upload_file.php)
  0) {    echo "Return Code:". $_files["File" ["Error"]. "
"; } else { echo "Upload:". $_files["File" ["Name"]. "
"; echo "Type:". $_files["File" ["type"]. "
"; echo "Size:". ($_files["File" ["Size"]/1024). The Kb
"; echo "Temp file:". $_files["File" ["Tmp_name"]. "
"; if (file_exists ("upload/". $_files["File" ["Name"])) { echo $_files["file" ["Name"]. "already exists."; } else{ move_uploaded_file ($_files["File" ["Tmp_name"], "upload/". $_files["File" ["name"]); echo "Stored in:". " Upload/". $_files["File" ["Name"];}} } else { echo "Invalid file";}? >

2, use the cupload of the YII framework.
See 1:
See 2:
However, the same problem that both faces is when the page is refreshed after submission. That is, the non-asynchronous last method.

Second, asynchronous file upload mode (3 ways)
Now need asynchronous upload way, after classmates help and check data, know PHP asynchronous upload file has two ways to implement.
1, use plug-ins (e.g., jqueryupload).
2, upload using IFRAME, no additional plugins required.

Based on current requirements: use as few plugins as possible. The latter is then used to upload files asynchronously using an IFRAME
Specifically added later
(1) Front-end HTML

function Startupload () {var spanobj = document.getElementById ("info"); spanobj.innerhtml = "Start uploading"; document.getElementById ("Upform"). Sumbit ();} callback function Stopupload (responsetext) {var spanobj = document.getElementById ("info"); spanobj.innerhtml = "Upload succeeded"; spanobj.innerhtml = responsetext;}

(2) server-side code
$file = $_files[' myfile '); $fileName = UploadFile ($file);//$result = ReadFromFile (". /upload/". $fileName), echo "", Function UploadFile ($file) {//upload path     $destinationPath = "... /upload/"; if (!file_exists ($destinationPath)) {mkdir ($destinationPath, 0777);} Rename $filename = Date (' Ymdhis '). '_' . Iconv (' Utf-8 ', ' gb2312 ', basename ($file [' name '])), if (Move_uploaded_file ($file [' Tmp_name '], $destinationPath. $ FileName) {return iconv (' gb2312 ', ' utf-8 ', $fileName);} Return ';}

Code comment/*1, about basename method $path = "/testweb/home.php";//displays file name with filename extension echo basename ($path);//displays filenames without file name extensions Echo BaseName ($path, ". php"), 2, about Iconviconv (' gb2312 ', ' utf-8 ', $fileName);//convert $filename from gb2312 to utf-8 format. Note: This function needs to open the php_iconv.dll3 inside php.ini, about $_files[' myfile ']$_files equivalent to a two-dimensional array, and $_files[' myfile ' is equivalent to a one-dimensional array. So you can $f = $_files[' myfile '];echo $f [' name '], and if you directly access the $_files[' myfile ', you will be reported undefined index:myfile. Now add if (!isset ($_files[' myfile ')) {die (' upload file does not exist! ');} */

3, using Yii+iframe method
See also:

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