PHP 50 Object Model Deep Exploration object replication

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By default, the __clone method will establish an object that has the same properties and methods as the original object. If you want to change the default content when cloning, you need to overwrite (attribute or method) in __clone.
A cloned method can have no arguments, but it contains both this and that pointer (that is, pointing to the object being copied). If you choose to clone yourself, you should be careful to copy any information you want your object to contain, from that to this, if you use __clone to copy, PHP will not perform any implicit replication, the following shows an example of automating objects with series ordinals:

Copy the Code code as follows:

Class Objecttracker//Object Tracker
private static $nextSerial = 0;
Private $id;
Private $name;
function __construct ($name)//constructor
$this->name = $name;
$this->id = ++self:: $nextSerial;
function __clone ()//Clone
$this->name = "Clone of $this->name";
$this->id = ++self:: $nextSerial;
function getId ()//Get the value of the id attribute
Return ($this->id);
function GetName ()//Get the value of the Name property
Return ($this->name);
$ot = new Objecttracker ("Zeev ' s Object");
$ot 2 = Clone$ot;
Output: 1 Zeev ' s Object
Print ($ot->getid (). " " . $ot->getname (). "");
Output: 2 Clone of Zeev ' s Object
Print ($ot 2->getid (). " " . $ot 2->getname (). "");

The above describes the PHP 50 object model in-depth exploration of object replication, including aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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