PHP 5.3.28 compiling and installation reports "zendparse" error troubleshooting

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The following error is reported in make when installing PHP 5.3.28 on the server guard agent today:

Php-5.3.28/Zend/zend_rjage_parser.h: 317: error: conflicting types for zendparse
Php-5.3.28/Zend/zend_globals_macros.h: 35: note: previous declaration of zendparse was here
Make: *** [ext/standard/basic_functions.lo] Error 1

The solution is to set int zendparse (void *) and zend_globals_macros.h 35 rows int zendparse (void * compiler_globals) in the zend_language_parser.h file to the same. Make is successful.

In this case, the following error occurs when the php extension ZendGuardLoader needs to be installed and php-fpm is started:

Failed loading/usr/local/php/lib/php/extensions/php-5.3.x/ZendGuardLoader. so:/usr/local/php/lib/php/extensions/php-5.3.x/ZendGuardLoader. so: undefined symbol: compiler_globals

As a result, the ZendGuardLoader extension package cannot be loaded successfully.

Final Solution:

When using./confingure to compile a thread, do not load the "-- enable-maintainer-zts" parameter. The "-- enable-maintainer-zts" parameter is used to enable thread security.

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