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PHP (7) RESTfulFramework-Lumen-SettingsandEnvPHP (7) RESTfulFramework-Lumen-SettingsandEnv1.InstalllumenInstallcomposercoderexample.comcomposer-easy-tuto PHP (7) RESTful Framework-Lumen-Settings and Env
PHP (7) RESTful Framework-Lumen-Settings and Env

1. Install lumen
Install composer

Composer will downloading dependency library automatically, and it will create a single autoloader. php and autoload all the dependency into our project.

-Curl-sS | php

This method will download the composer executive file. Actually I use that before, but we can move a little further, we can directly copy the executive file to our PATH directory.
> Sudo mv composer. phar/usr/bin/composer

Verify installation
> Composer -- version
Composer version 1.0-dev (f1aa655e6113e0efa979b8b09d7951a762eaa04c) 11:59:54

2. Create the Sample Project
There is a lot of great source from here

This command will create a sample rest php project for us.
> Composer create-project laravel/lumen easyphprest

Go into that directory. This command will tell us a lot of useful commands.
> Php artisan
Laravel Framework version Lumen (5.1.3) (Laravel Components 5. 1 .*)

Command to start the HTTP Service
> Php artisan serve
Lumen development server started on http: // localhost: 8000/

Install and Configure MYSQL
After directly install dmz file on MAC, I start mysql as follow:
> Sudo/usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql. server start

Database configuration is in this place
> Cat. env
DB_HOST = localhost
DB Port = 3306
DB_DATABASE = easyphprest
DB_USERNAME = easyphprest
DB_PASSWORD = easyphprest

Uncomments the configuration
> Cat bootstrap/app. php
Dotenv: load (_ DIR __.'/../');
$ App-> withFacades ();
$ App-> withEloquent ();

Create the Migration Database
> Php artisan make: migration create_books_table
Created Migration: 2015_08_28_183001_create_books_table

This will create a file under database/migrations/

Something like flywayDB.
Run the command to start the migration table operation
> Php artisan migrate

Error Message:

Cocould not find driver

Uncomment out the line in php. ini
Extension = php_pdo_mysql.dll

The link of the source


Install pear

> Wget

> Php go-pear.phar

Try to install pdo_mysql
> Pear install pdo_mysql

> Pecl install pdo_mysql

Configure: error: Cannot find MySQL header files under
ERROR: '/private/tmp/pear/install/PDO_MYSQL/configure' failed

Manually install that

> Pecl download pdo_mysql

> Tar zxvf PDO_MYSQL-1.0.2.tgz

> Phpize

>./Configure -- with-pdo-mysql =/usr/local/mysql

> Make

Fail Exception:
./Php_pdo_mysql_int.h: 25: 10: fatal error: 'MySQL. h' file not found
# Include

Easily copy all the mysql header files here
> Cp/usr/local/mysql/include/*. h ./

> Make

Maybe, I need to reinstall my PHP with this PDO MYSQL enable.
Reinstall PHP

Fetch the latest PHP
> Wget

Unzip and installation
>. /Configure -- prefix =/Users/carl/tool/php-5.6.11 -- with-openssl -- with-iconv-dir =/usr/lib -- with-curl =/opt/local/include/ curl -- with-mysql -- enable-fpm -- with-zlib-dir -- with-freetype-dir -- enable-mbstring -- with-libxml-dir =/usr -- enable-soap -- enable -calendar -- with-mysqli -- with-pdo-mysql -- with-zlib

After installation, switch to this latest version of PHP. It works.
> Php artisan migrate
Migration table created successfully.
Migrated: 2015_08_28_183001_create_books_table

The database table will show on the Squel Pro

Slim Framework

Laravel-Web Framework similar to symfony2

Lumen-RESTful framework mini version of laravel



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