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Organize out 2 to learn from everyone

1, three equals sign and two equals sign difference "= = =" VS "= = "

For example, you'll get a function that returns these kinds of situations:
1, more than 0 of the number
2, less than 0 of the number
3, equals 0 of the number (that is, 0)
4, False (On Failure)
At this time if you want to capture the failure, you must use = = = And not use = =
because = = In addition to match the 4th case, will also match the 3rd case, because 0 is also false!

In a

$a = ' 2 ';//character 2
$b =2;//Numerical Model 2
$a = = $b, it's right, it's all 2.
$a = = = $b, is wrong, because $ A is a character $b is numeric, the value is the same, but the type is different.

2. What does three angle brackets in PHP do? "<<<"
Copy CodeThe code is as follows:
$somevar = << Put your code or words here

This is a code snippet. The advantage of using code snippets in PHP is that when you need to output a piece of code (which can include multiple lines), the snippet can maintain a more logical pattern. Often used to insert HTML code.

Note that Someword is any character that represents the meaning of a token. <<
can be used to include both single and double quotes in an assignment en PW Many of this true Span id= "Isbasedonurl" itemprop= "Isbasedonurl" > techarticle finishing up 2 for everyone to learn the difference between 1, three equals and two equals "= = = "VS" = = "For example, you have a function that returns these situations: 1, more than 0 of the number 2, less than 0 of the number 3, etc...

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