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I wrote this article in early December 2001, hoping to help you learn php.
It is estimated that the first question is mostly about how to configure it.
Several software are recommended.
The apache Server, mysql database, and php
There are downloads on the internet. Just search for them.
1. apache configuration instructions, which can be viewed in the current version
There is an article about how to configure it under 98.
I read this article every time I configure it.
2. The mysql configuration does not need to be configured now. You can directly execute the installation program.
You can.
3. The combination of php configuration and apache
If your e files are good, you can simply read the instructions in the php decompression package.
Otherwise, read the article recommended above.
Tool problems
There are many php programming tools, which are similar to each other.
PHPED is recommended for beginners.
Function prompt, variable prompt, syntax highlighted, Auto Indent,
It can also be debugged, but note that if your apache is configured
Php modul, it is best to use a php.exe file together with the connector.
Other editors include
Editplus, which is recommended by many people and I like it most
The syntax is highlighted and automatically indented. It has the strongest auto indentations.
If the php program you write has a lot of html code at the same time, then editplus will
Is the best choice, it can easily insert common html code, you can customize the shortcut key
Ultraedit, which is also an editor used by many people
The syntax is highlighted and automatically indented.
It also has 10 clipboard for use and its convenience
You can also open a binary file, but it has nothing to do with php writing.
I don't use much of this, but many people say it is good. Maybe you can find it by yourself.
Turbo php, a Chinese php Editor
Supports syntax highlighting and function prompting. Its function prompting is very detailed.
A promising editor, but it seems that there is still time to work.
Next, let's see the egg.
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