PHP Build (windows64+apache2.4.7+mysql-5.6+php5.5)

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Now most of the one-button installation package is 32-bit, does not support 64-bit, directly on the 64-bit system use will error, so I would like to say here how Windows 64-bit system to establish the APACHE+PHP+MYSQL environment!

I am here to demonstrate the use of Windows 7 64-bit Simplified Chinese version, Apache,php,mysql Multi-use is the 64-bit version. The local environment is built, so I'm using the default settings.

The following are the website addresses of PHP, Apache and MySQL, respectively.




Httpd-2.4.12-win64-vc11 php-5.5.26-win32-vc11-x64 mysql-5.5.44-winx64

Apache using HTTPD-2.4.12-WIN64-VC11 also seems to need to install VC14 support, do not know for what reason, in the network disk has a backup

3. Installing Apache (F:/dev/apache)

(1) Open f:/dev/apache/conf under the httpd.conf file, open the editor with Notepad to modify and save the following.

The 37th line ServerRoot "C:/apache24" to ServerRoot "F:/dev/apache";//apache the location of the program.

The No. 204 line of the serveradmin change does not matter;

Line NO. 213 servername The "#" in front of the number to remove;

No. 237 line DocumentRoot "C:/apache24/htdocs" to DocumentRoot "F:/dev/apache/htdocs";//web site root directory

Line No. 238 <directory "C:/apache24/htdocs" > Changed to <directory "F:/dev/apache/htdocs" >;

Line No. 271 DirectoryIndex index.html Change to DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.htm//Support more default pages

Line No. 354 scriptalias/cgi-bin/"c:/apache24/cgi-bin/" instead of scriptalias/cgi-bin/"f:/dev/apache/cgi-bin/"

Line No. 370 <directory "C:/apache24/cgi-bin" > Changed to <directory "f:/dev/apache/cgi-bin/" >

(2) Launch Apache.

Start---Run, enter cmd, and open a command prompt. Enter the following commands separately (return per line)


CD Apache24\bin


If the httpd.conf is configured correctly, there is no prompt after entering httpd carriage return. Do not close the command window (Close command window is off Apache), local browser access. The advent of "It works" means that Apache is properly installed.

(3) Adding Apache to System services

Close the httpd command window, or you will get an error.

Start---Run, enter cmd, and then open a command prompt. Enter the following commands separately (return per line)


CD Dev/apache/bin

Httpd.exe-k install-n "Apache24" \ \ Join the service. ServiceName is the name of the service and can be customized.

If you want to uninstall this service, first stop the service and then enter Httpd.exe-k uninstall-n "ServiceName" to uninstall the service.

3. Installing Apache (f:/dev/php5.5)

Here PHP5.5.0 is configured with Php5apache2_4.dll. Also need not php.ini file, with PHP default.

(1) Open f:/dev/apache/conf under Httpd.conf, at last add

# PHP5 Support

LoadModule php5_module "F:/dev/php5.5/php5apache2_4.dll"

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php. php

# Configure the path to PHP.ini

Phpinidir "f:/dev/php5.5"

(2) Restart the Apache server.

Site Folder F:/dev/apache/htdocs Create a new index.php, <?php phpinfo (),?> Save, access to the information that appears in PHP indicates that PHP has been successfully installed. Such as.

4. PHP configuration   Put the PHP root directory and the PHP directory's ext directory into the environment variable, restart the computer to take effect   Configure php.ini    Configure PHP extension directory  719 line    Extension_dir = "F:/dev/php5.5/ext" Open the required extension as follows Extension=php_bz2.dllextension=php_curl.dllextension=php_ Fileinfo.dllextension=php_gd2.dll;extension=php_gettext.dll;extension=php_gmp.dllextension=php_intl.dll; extension=php_imap.dll;extension=php_interbase.dll;extension=php_ldap.dllextension=php_mbstring.dll;extension= Php_exif.dll      ; Must is after mbstring as it depends on Itextension=php_mysql.dllextension=php_mysqli.dllextension=php_oci8.dll   & nbsp  ; Use with Oracle 10gr2 Instant clientextension=php_oci8_11g.dll  ; Use with Oracle 11gR2 Instant clientextension=php_oci8_12c.dll  ; Use with Oracle 12c   Instant Clientextension=php_openssl.dll;extension=php_pdo_firebird.dllextension=php_pdo_ Mysql.dllextension=php_pdo_oci.dllextension=php_pdo_odbc.dll;extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dllextension=php_pdo_ Sqlite.dll;extension=php_pgsql.dll;extension=php_pspell.dll;extension=php_shmop.dll ; The MIBS data available in the PHP distribution must is installed. ; See HTTP://WWW.PHP.NET/MANUAL/EN/SNMP.INSTALLATION.PHP&NBSP;;EXTENSION=PHP_SNMP.DLL&NBSP;EXTENSION=PHP_ Soap.dllextension=php_sockets.dllextension=php_sqlite3.dll;extension=php_sybase_ct.dll;extension=php_ tidy.dllextension=php_xmlrpc.dllextension=php_xsl.dll 5, MySQL installation and configuration as before

<php.ini-production Copy the file as Php.ini>

Line No. 730; Extension_dir = "ext", remove the front ";" and change to Extension_dir = "F:/dev/php5.5/ext"

Find extension Add the following two lines to open the extension library you want to use

Restart httpd to test


PHP Build (windows64+apache2.4.7+mysql-5.6+php5.5)

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