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PHP Construction Forum: Discuz! Quick Forum setup guide background: With the price reduction of domain names, the price of hosting servers is getting cheaper and cheaper. many netizens hope to set up their own websites, about 70% of users chose to set up their own forum first, so we will introduce it here. Discuz PHP Construction Forum: Discuz! Quick Forum setup guide
Background: with the price reduction of domain names, the price of hosting servers is getting cheaper and cheaper. many netizens hope to build their own websites, about 70% of users chose to set up their own forum first, so we will introduce it here.

Discuz !, The most popular PHP Forum program in China, especially after its free policy, has set off Discuz across networks! Forum building boom. Even though Discuz! Powerful functions, but its threshold is quite low. The entire installation/setup process is completed in the graphical interface, without the need to perform any complicated operations. Next, let's take a full look at Discuz !, Use it to build your own forum.

I. Discuz! Establishment of runtime environment

Discuz! The installation/running of Windows requires a LAMP environment (Linux + Apache + PHP + MySQL). However, most users currently use Windows operating systems, therefore, we will introduce how to create Discuz in Windows! Environment (Windows + Apache + PHP + MySQL ).

Generally, we can install Apache, PHP, and other programs separately, and then debug them so that they can run normally. However, the entire debugging process is relatively complex, which is not only a problem for beginners, but even some "veterans" are easy to make mistakes during the debugging process. Therefore, I suggest using some Integrated PHP installation programs, such as phpStudy, to simplify the establishment of the runtime environment.

PhpStudy: http: //

Decompress the downloaded compressed file and double-click phpstudy130.exe. The program will automatically complete the installation of Apache + PHP + MySQL + ZendOptimizer. no user intervention is required throughout the installation process.

Tip: 1. in the installation wizard, you will be asked about the PHP Installation Path, which is the local debugging path (here I select C: \ WWW ).

2. during the installation process, if a firewall is enabled, the system prompts whether to trust httpd, mysqld-nt to run, and Port 80 and 3306 when registering to start the service. select allow.

After the installation is complete, start the "phpStudy service management" program to view the running status of Apache and MySQL (1 ). It should be noted that if IIS is installed in the system and is in the startup status, port 80 will be occupied, resulting in Apache failure to start. To start Apache, you must first disable IIS or change the IIS port to a non-80 port.

So far, Discuz! After installing the installation/running environment, Discuz is started! .

II. Discuz! Installation Overview

Discuz! A graphical installation mode is used to conveniently install Forum programs based on page guidance. Of course, in the official installation of Discuz! In the past, some necessary preparations were required.

Step 1: Download Discuz! Install the program, decompress the package, and copy all the files in the upload directory to the PHP root directory (C: \ WWW). to facilitate the call, you can also set a sub-directory, such as bbs.

Discuz! : Http://

Step 2: Open the config. inc. php file in Notepad and set the values of $ dbuser and $ dbpw to root (2 ).

Tip: The phpStudy installer sets the username and password of the MySQL database to root. you can also create a database and customize relevant data values as needed.

After completing the preceding settings, enter "http: // php" in the browser and press the Enter key to start Discuz! Installation program.

Step 1: Start Discuz! After installing the program, the installation protocol will appear. you must click "I agree" at the bottom of the page to continue.

Step 2: configure the database. generally, except for the "system Email" item, you do not need to modify other items (3 ).

Step 3: Set an administrator account as needed.

After completing the preceding settings, click "next" to execute Discuz! After a while, the program installation is complete. click "congratulations on the completion of the Forum installation, click enter Forum homepage" at the bottom of the page to complete the installation, and immediately open the homepage of the newly installed Forum.

We can see that Discuz! The installation process is quite "silly", and can be completed within several minutes by following the instructions on the page. Of course, for the convenience of debugging, all my operations are completed on the local computer. For friends who directly perform operations on a VM, the only difference is that they need to upload the installer to the VM and then install it using the database information provided by the space carrier, all other operations are the same.

3. Discuz! Basic forum settings

So far, we have completed Discuz! The entire forum is just an empty shell, and there is no forum or content. The next step is to change the forum parameters to a forum that can be used by netizens.

Log on to the Forum with the administrator account set during the installation process, and click the "System Settings" link in the navigation bar. on the displayed page, enter the administrator password again. then, you can log on to the background management page of the Forum, to perform related settings.

If you are not familiar with forum settings, you can use Discuz! Provides the setting wizard to easily complete some of the most basic settings.

Step 1: Select the forum type

Forum type settings include "Forum size", "permission control", and "function preferences. In view of the current situation of domestic virtual hosts, I suggest you set "Forum size" to "small"; "permission control" to "general "; "function preferences" are set to "normal" so that the created Forum can run in the optimal state (4 ).

Step 2: Set basic forum information

The items to be set here include the "Forum name", "website name", and "website URL". these three settings are not difficult. you only need to enter them according to your actual situation.

Step 3: initialize Forum category

The forum section will be set here. the method is very simple. in "Category 1", "Category 2", and "category 3", you will enter the forum section category name, the "Forum 1" and "Forum 2" under each category are the specific forum Forum names.

For example, we fill in "versionservice processing" in "Category 1", and fill in "Forum Rules" and "violation handling" in "Forum 1" and "Forum 2" respectively ", after you confirm the operation, refresh the forum homepage and you will see the "Event Processing" category, the "Forum Rules" and "violation handling" are the two sections under this category (5 ).

After completing the above three steps, the wizard will provide a confirmation page containing all the items that have been set. after you click OK, the above settings will take effect immediately. Refresh the forum homepage and you will immediately see the corresponding changes.

4. go deep into Discuz! Forum settings

Through the wizard program, we complete the simple settings of the forum, but its limitations are also very obvious, such as the inability to modify the Forum LOGO, the limited number of settings of the Forum, and so on. in many cases, it does not meet our needs. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust Forum parameters in depth.

1. adjust the Forum

As the subject of Forum content, forum settings play a vital role in improving forum popularity. However, in Discuz! You can add only three categories and a maximum of nine sections in the setting wizard. this obviously does not meet the actual usage requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to set the Forum in more detail.

Click the "Forum management" tab in the top navigation bar of the background to switch to the function page set in the forum. Click each function button in the left-side navigation pane to perform corresponding operations.

Add Forum: In addition, you can add "Forum Category", "Forum", and "sub-forum" by setting different items ". If you want to add "Forum" or "sub-forum", you need to select "parent category" or "parent forum" from the drop-down menu ".

Edit Forum: you can perform "edit" and "delete" operations on the added "Forum category" and "Forum, various forums are displayed as directory trees, so they are very intuitive in operation.

2. set user permissions

All users who have experience in forums know that each user in the forum has a corresponding level. users of different levels have different operation permissions. The lowest-level registered members often only have the basic browsing permissions. the high-level "bamboo" is the envy of everyone. So, these membership levels are in Discuz! And how to set it?

Switch to the "user management" tab in the top navigation bar, and click "edit user" in the left-side function bar. In this case, the "search user" page appears in the right window. if you know the exact user ID, you can directly enter it in the "user name" column; if you want to modify the permissions of a certain type of users (for example, all users with points less than 100), you need to select "more options" and then set search conditions.

After the search result is obtained, the user's row will provide "user group", "permission", "points", and other setting links. click these links, the corresponding permission settings can be performed. For example, you can click the "permission" link to set the user's "browse", "Reply", and other permissions.

In addition, if you want to promote a user to a forum moderator, you need to switch to the "Edit Forum" function interface mentioned above, click the "Forum category" or "forum" corresponding "moderator", and then enter the user name in the "add" column.

3. modify the forum style

Discuz! The blue style is used by default. Although refreshing, it cannot meet the needs of all forums. In order to make the forum color better adapt to the content style, it is necessary to modify the forum interface as follows:

Step 1: Download or create a Discuz! The template is based on the NTGBK-like style downloaded by the Author. the files in the imagse, Scripts, and templates directories are uploaded to the Discuz! And copy all the code in the txt file.

Tip: Discuz! Template production is relatively complex (see, so you may wish to choose a favorite template on the official website.

Step 2: Go to Discuz! In the background, switch to the "Forum management" tab in the top navigation bar, click "interface style" in the left-side function bar, and then paste all the copied code to "import interface solution, paste the exported file content in the following box and click submit to add the new style. In this case, the new style will also appear in the style list.

Step 3: switch to the "basic settings" tab in the top navigation bar, and click "interface and display mode" in the left-side function bar, you can select a new style from the "default forum style" drop-down menu. after confirmation, the style of the entire forum will change. If you only need to modify the display style of a forum, you can switch to the "Forum management" tab and open the setting interface of a specific forum, you can modify the style scheme from the drop-down menu.

In addition, if you need to modify the LOGO of the forum, you can use the simplest method. Right-click the original LOGO of the Forum and select "properties" to view its path and file name. then, change the file name of the new LOGO to be consistent with that of the original LOGO and upload it to the same path and overwrite it, refresh the forum to complete the LOGO replacement.

Summary: This article describes Discuz! The use of Discuz! It is not difficult to establish a forum, but to make the forum more personalized, you must make some in-depth modifications and settings. Of course, due to the limited length, this article cannot cover all aspects, but can only choose some representative questions to explain, more in-depth application, will be waiting for friends to explore.
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