PHP Course Summary 20161206

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Today's course, we installed the Apache, PHP, MySQL, World Wide Web server, phpMyAdmin software with the Oneinstack tool in the Bantu system, built a lamp service platform. The rest of the time in the virtual machine CentOS system, follow the tutorial instructions to compile the lamp environment. Here is my summary of the study of the day.

First, download the necessary files for installing the software. The resources on the Internet are very rich, how we download them to the files we need, it takes experience to accumulate, constantly try to find the most likely to get the resources of the site.

Second, through the tutorial installation software, to learn dialectical view of the course content, to have their own thinking, according to their own computer situation, to make judgments.

Thirdly, we should learn to review periodically. The knowledge that I have learned in the past should often take out to see, ask oneself, especially those process more complicated knowledge point and operation process, necessary also do some actual operation, do to oneself responsible.    

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PHP Course Summary 20161206

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