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PHP Developer Practice

PHP Developer prepares

insisted on 5 years of Entrepreneurship Project decided to end (industry vertical search direction, ideal is very good, the reality is very skinny), as not well-mixed grassroots webmaster & not blown up by the small Internet company Technology Partners, the personal basic witness the development of the PHP environment in the past few years (of course, mainly due to the Internet entrepreneurial craze outbreak), Feel the status of some PHP team and practitioners, at the same time, we have a lot of problems in the process of building PHP research and development team, have been trying to set up the entrepreneurial process encountered in these team practice related issues, summarized, is only an initial version, welcome everyone to make bricks & join!

With the rapid development of technology, I will continue to maintain and follow up this project, and welcome all interested friends to submit suggestions, questions-issue or contribute, share-pull Request.

    • The layout of this project follows the markdown specification of Copywriting and the north and Stack Overflow
    • This project uses Gitbook and has been published on, about how to use Gitbook to write, generate, publish an online book, please visit Gitbook documentation or Gitbook get started-English

      • is a very good community, there are a lot of good writers have published their own books, as if leanpub
      • Gitbook is an open source, node. JS Development-based companion tool provided by address

    • Most of the problems encountered in the development process can actually be found through the search engine, about the use of search engine skills, please refer to how to use Google and other search engines?
    • Problems encountered in the development process in the forum, the community to ask questions is very common situation, how to let others quickly understand your problems, and how they learn to grow in the question, recommended reading: How to ask Questions the smart way, ask the wisdom-Chinese version or the wisdom of questioning-image version

      "The wisdom of asking questions" is a stepping stone, it writes down the etiquette and rules between the hackers clearly. It will give you an idea of the fact why those who seem to be very bull almost never ask questions, as if they had been a bull in the industry. No, they have problems, but they usually do it themselves before they ask questions, not because they know how to solve them, but because they are the ones who solve them, and in the end, you will only see an article on the Internet: the solution to the problem of XXX. -Rei

    • Because there is a lot of information about how to use the PHP language itself, this article will try not to involve the PHP language itself, and the preferential reference to the existing information, mainly around the development of PHP project skills and specific practices, through the relevant tools and experience sharing, so that everyone in the project to better use of PHP technology.

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Important NOTE: Ongoing changes, most of the chapters are not finished, the official release will take some time, all content is subject to change.


How to participate

This project is maintained on Github and is welcome to participate in: Https://

    • Fork this project on GitHub to your own warehouse, such as /php-developer-prepares, then clone to local and set up user information.
      $ git clone
           /php-developer-prepares.git$ cd php-developer-prepares$ git config " Yourname "$ git config" your email "
    • After the code is modified, it is submitted and pushed to its own warehouse.
      $ #do Some change in the content$ git commit-am "Fix issue #1: Change helo to Hello" $ git push
    • Submit a pull request on the GitHub website.
    • Regularly update your own warehouse content with Project warehouse content.
      $ git remote add upstream$ git fetch upstream$ git checkout master$ git re Base upstream/master$ git push-f Origin Master


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    • Attribution: The original author's signature must be retained.

    • Non-commercial use: Shall not be used for commercial purposes unless duly permitted.

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