PHP development tool Phpstorm 7 released

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PHP development tool Phpstorm 7 released, the key features of this version include:
PHP 5.5 support, improved PHP syntax coloring, new refactoring, PHPDoc improvements, etc.
Built-in Tools: Vagrant, built-in SSH console & Remote Tools, local terminal
Improvements in debugging and testing
Frameworks and plugins, built-in Drupal support, Symfony third-party plugins, etc.
Phpstorm 7 introduces a new Web toolkit at the same time:
Different JavaScript templates (EJS, mustache, handlebars) and Web componentssupport.
Support for the latest style frames Stylus and Compass
JavaScript and Node.js:JavaScript Karma test run, Istanbul code coverage engine, integrated Node Package Manager NPM
Major changes in the Live Edit feature and in JavaScript debugging.
If you purchased a phpstorm after October 22, 2012, you can upgrade to that version for free.

Download Address:

Is old Xu going to say I sell ads again? Hahaha ... Good things to share with

Reply to discussion (solution)

Accustomed to Netbean and zend5.5.

Phpdesign Drifting Past ~ ~ ~

Phpstorm word of mouth is still good. But I've been using NetBeans for a while.

Phpdesign Drifting Past ~ ~ ~

I came to get the points, sublime drifting over ~ ~

Attention in ... Drifting over

EditPlus's light weight and quick to raise my appetite ... Other total sensory reactions are slower ....

But it is also possible that my current job requirements for writing code speed requirements are not high reasons? Other slow-reacting editors are more convenient.

Do you have a cracked version of it? 30 days is too short.

EditPlus Drifting through

Vim Drifting through ~

Accustomed to Netbean and zend5.5.

Always use UltraEdit, because zend5.5 and other editors are always garbled ... Special hate

Phpstorm should give you some payback, you have been selling their ads for a few years ....

The goods have an open source license, there are projects can try, but to fill in a cumbersome form ....

Do you have a cracked version of it? 30 days is too short.

From 5 onwards has been available, the official seems to have been doing promotion do not care about piracy ...-


===== LICENSE BEGIN =====
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gd1bebyc5u "6oxdbvsalb4eb10pw8"
===== LICENSE END =====

Phpstorm should give you some payback, you have been selling their ads for a few years ....

You got a contact? Rip

I heard we can get points.

Thanks for sharing ~

Wow, is it 7?

The recent discovery of the DW PHP code hints pretty good.

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